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The Property Brothers persuade Lisa Kudrow to reenact ‘Smelly Cat’ from ‘Friends’

Jonathan and Drew Scott helped the "Friends" star renovate her cousin's home, and asked the actor to re-create an iconic TV moment along the way.

Lisa Kudrow is serenading with her "Smelly Cat" tune from "Friends" yet again — but this time, during a home renovation.

On Monday's episode of HGTV's "Celebrity IOU," the Property Brothers answered Kudrow's request to transform the condo of her cousin Thea, who adopts older and abused animals, into a pet-friendly paradise. But before getting to the physical labor, Jonathan and Drew Scott surprised Kudrow by slyly asking to reenact one of their favorite moments from "Friends": the “Smelly Cat” jingle.

During an initial tour of Thea's home, Jonathan asked about the sheet music hanging above her fireplace, prompting Kudrow to share that her cousin's immediate family is "extremely musical." Little did she know that she just walked right into the Property Brothers' trap.

"And you're musical!" Drew exclaimed, to which Kudrow nervously laughed.

Lisa Kudrow, along with Drew and Jonathan Scott, demo the home of Lisa's cousin Thea Mann, on "Celebrity IOU."
Lisa Kudrow, along with Drew and Jonathan Scott, demo the home of Lisa's cousin Thea Mann, on "Celebrity IOU."Dennys Ilic

"I have a question, does this sound familiar by any chance?" Drew asked as he picked up one of two guitars in the corner of Thea's condo. He then started to strum the familiar tune that her character Phoebe Buffay first sang in the second season of "Friends."

After a moment, Kudrow's face lit up. "Oh, you're playing 'Smelly Cat!' Well, very good," she said as Drew began to sing the hilarious words.

Jonathan then ushered Kudrow over to the other guitar, but she responded with, "I don't know how to play it." However, the Property Brothers found a loophole: They recommended she could just chime in with the vocals, which she obliged to.

Drew tried to harmonize with Kudrow as they sang, "It's not your fault," to which Kudrow said, "You just threw me so off." But really, Kudrow felt like she was the one who messed up during the duet, which she revealed during a siloed interview moments later.

"I'm just embarrassed, I did such a poor job with 'Smelly Cat'" Kudrow confessed. She said she "should have let just Drew do it" and asked if the production crew could cut her out of it, so it seems as though Drew was the only one performing in the first place.

"Yeah, that'll work," Kudrow concluded as she crossed her arms. But clearly, the producers did not grant her wishes (to viewers' benefit).

This isn't the first time in recent years that Kudrow has given the world an encore of "Smelly Cat" since the fateful day it first aired on TV.

Friends - Season 1
The One With the Monkey- Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe BuffayAlice S. hall / NBC

During the "Friends" reunion that debuted on HBO Max in May 2021, Kudrow sang "Smelly Cat" while strumming the melody on guitar, which she revealed later to Ellen DeGeneres that she had to relearn for occasion.

In the middle of the song, Lady Gaga walks in on the jam sesh, and they continue the jingle performance together until a whole choir chimes in with vocals, making it a full-blown concert.

Once they wrapped the performance, and everyone applauded, and Kudrow — while still channeling Phoebe — started clapping and said, "thank you, so great!"

A moment passed until she then said, "I think it's still better when it's just me," and Lady Gaga humbly agreed.