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Pat Sajak opens up about when he'll stop hosting 'Wheel of Fortune'

Believe it or not, there will come a day when Sajak will not be at the wheel of the classic game show.
ABC's "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune"
Sajak's contract calls for him to serve as host until 2024, but he can see an end date for the job.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC via Getty Images

The only things sure in life are death, taxes and Pat Sajak hosting “Wheel of Fortune.” Well, maybe not all of those, especially since Sajak himself says he can envision a time when he is no longer at the helm of the long-running game show.

“We’re certainly closer to the end than the beginning,” Sajak told “Entertainment Tonight.” “I’d like to leave before people tune in and look at me and say, ‘Ooh, what happened to him?’”

So, is there a specific timeline for when Sajak and Vanna White won’t be part of the show?

ABC's "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune"
Vanna White and Pat Sajak have been fixtures on "Wheel of Fortune" for nearly 40 years.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC via Getty Images

“I wouldn’t bet on seeing us in 10 years, I would say,” Sajak said, before asking White, “Is that fair?”

“Probably, yes,” White said.

Sajak, 74, and White, 64, are as much a part of the small screen as remote controls wedged between the couch cushions. He is in his 39th season as host of “Wheel of Fortune,” while White joined the series in 1982.

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Sajak has won the Daytime Emmy Award for outstanding game show host three times, earning 18 nominations in the category during his career.

Fans shouldn’t expect Sajak and White to leave anytime soon, though. They signed new contracts to remain with the show through the 2023-2024 season. In addition to the daily syndicated show, they will appear on “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune,” which returns for its second season this Sunday.

And while Sajak can see the end of his tenure on the horizon, the new season of “Wheel of Fortune” will also feature another Sajak, as his daughter, Maggie, has joined the show as an online host, sharing exclusive videos and giving fans a look behind the scenes.