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What the cast of 'Outer Banks' predicts for their characters in Season 4

Including what they see next for the show's many romances.

Warning: this post contains spoilers for "Outer Banks" Season Three.

What's in store for the Pogues next? Season Three of "Outer Banks" continues their adventures in North and South America — and sets up more.

Netflix confirmed on Feb. 18 at a fan event in Huntington Beach, California that the show would return for a fourth season. The announcement came days before Season Three premiered.

To recap, in Season Three, John B (Chase Stokes) reconnects with his dad. Together, they head off to South America to continue their treasure hunt. Along with the rest of the Pogues, they fight off Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen,) a new villain this season who ultimately wants the treasure all for himself.

Without spoiling the ending entirely (you can do that for yourself here with this Season Three recap), the Pogues are presented with a new adventure at the end of the season: locating the missing ship of Edward Teach, the pirate better known as Blackbeard, from 1718.

Speaking to, the cast members of "Outer Banks" shared their hopes and predictions for what's next for their teenage characters.

Keep reading to hear what they have to say.

When does 'Outer Banks' Season 4 premiere?

On Feb. 18, Netflix confirmed that "Outer Banks" would return for a fourth season. However, there is no information yet on when the season will be released.

“The Pogues are enjoying an adventure of a lifetime and we now get to map out more twists and turns as the joyride continues into Season Four of ‘Outer Banks,’" series co-creators, executive producers and showrunners Jonas Pate, Josh Pate and Shannon Burke said in a statement to Variety.

What cast members will (and won't) return next season?

This contains spoilers for Season Three.

As of now, there's no set list on which cast members will return to the show next season. However, after the cast members spoke to, it seems likely like all the Pogues will be back for more adventures.

At the end of Season Three, Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) and Big John (Charles Halford) both die, so it's unlikely they'll be back for the next season. But ... you never know! Ward did fake his death in Season Two.

Although Drew Starkey, who plays Rafe Cameron, isn't featured in the Season Three finale, Starkey tells he hopes next season his character "settles down and has some sort of normality."

Austin North, who plays Topper, also isn't featured in the finale of the third season. He tells he's not sure what his character's role will be next season.

"I'm going to leave that probably up to the writers," North says. "I'm never really in the room giving too much input but you know, I kind of just wait for the scripts to come in and do my job from there but bit would be nice if he found love."

Carlacia Grant, who plays Cleo, tells she hopes the next season dives more into her character’s backstory.

“I feel like we’ve spoken so much about Cleo’s backstory of her grandmother and how she was abandoned, so I would love to see Cleo flashback to see like what it was like when she grew up and had those experiences,” Grant tells

What will the plot of Season 4 of 'Outer Banks' entail?

At the end of Season Three, the Pogues are honored for their work solving the 500-year-old mystery of Royal Merchant shipwreck and finding the location of El Dorado.

At the celebration they are then presented with a new historical treasure hunt: Locating the missing ship of Edward Teach, the pirate better known as Blackbeard, from 1718.

Season 4 will explore these romantic relationships

Season Three sees the continuation, or the beginning, of three inter-Pogue relationships: John B and Sarah, JJ and Kiara, and Pope and Cleo.

Speaking to Pankow says he's not sure where JJ's relationship with Kiara will go. "I think in Season Three, JJ is very confused on what's going on and where he stands and hoping that he can find some sort of stability," Pankow says.

Bailey, who plays Kiara, sees her character's relationship with JJ going "a lot of different places."

"A special thing about their relationship is that they have true friendship," Bailey tells "I think as a couple they're going to be both independent and complementary of each other. I think Season Four is going to be wild for both of us."

As for Pope and Cleo? Grant tells the pair has some maturing to do.

"But I think they're going to make it work, like I really do," Grant tells "I'm hoping that you know if we get the opportunity to do more seasons, I think they'll be together, they have each other's backs in a deep way and his mom likes her."