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What happens at the end of 'Outer Banks' Season 3? Finale, explained

Two deaths and a treasure hunt.

Warning: this article contains spoiler alerts for "Outer Banks" Season Three.

Season Three of "Outer Banks," which premiered on Netflix Feb. 23, gave us much to unpack.

This season, after John B (Chase Stokes) reconnects with his dad, the two head off on a hunt to find the last piece of the puzzle that will bring them to a legendary, and apparently very real, place in South America known as El Dorado (where the rest of the gold supposedly is.)

But as past seasons have demonstrated, nothing for this group of teenagers from the Outer Banks comes easy, both on and off set.

Big John (John B's dad) is kidnapped by Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen,) the new villain in the season, also after the treasure. Carlos Singh is a treasure hunter who believes that it's his destiny to find El Dorado.

John B and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) devise a plan to use Ward Cameron's (Charles Esten) plane to get to South America, rescue Big John and get their hands on the gold, which as we learn is exactly what happens. Well ... almost.

Here's a breakdown of what happens during the finale, and what it all could mean for Season Four.

The Pogues head to South America

At the end of Season Three, the Pogues find themselves in South America.

They're there to save Big John from Singh, who believes John B can help him decipher a gnomon — or an ancient astronomical instrument — that can help lead to the treasure.

Not giving up the fight, John B, Sarah, Pope (Jonathan Daviss,) and Cleo (Carlacia Grant) follow behind getting to South America with the help of Ward Cameron’s private jet. But, spoiler alert, Ward is on the plane too.

When the Pogues arrive to their destination of Tres Rocas, Sarah tells her dad to stay on the plane and go home. In classic Ward fashion, he doesn't listen. (More on that later!)

Kiara (Madison Bailey) and JJ (Rudy Pankow) arrive in Tres Rocas later after JJ busts her out of the camp her parents stowed her away in. They also share a much-awaited kiss.

The catch? The people who helped Kiara and JJ get to Tres Rocas expect a cut of the treasure in El Dorado.

Within minutes of being there, the two love birds run into Pope and Cleo, who are running away from Singh's men.

Sarah, John B and their dad's head to find the treasure at El Dorado

Sarah, John B and Big John find Jose, the guide who will lead them to El Dorado. Turns out Ward got to Jose first, and is waiting for them.

Before they have time to argue, Singh's people show up (they have a habit of doing that). John B, Sarah, Ward and Big John jump on Jose's boat and travel down the river where they camp out.

That night, Ward texts his location to a mystery number. Turns out, Ward texted Singh in exchange for Sarah's safety.

The next day, John B, Sarah and Big John hike up a mountain for the solstice looking for the direction to El Dorado. Ward stays behind due to his injured leg (he got hurt when he faked his death last season).

After coming across a clue, Singh and his men arrive. Big John refuses to share what he's learned, causing a shootout. Big John ends up getting hit.

Pope and Cleo share a kiss.

Pope and Cleo's romance was brewing all season. In the last episode, they share a kiss.

The two don't share their budding relationship with the other Pogues, considering Pope and Kiara previously had feelings for each other.

John B and Sarah find El Dorado

After fighting off Singh and his men once again, Sarah, John B and Big John stumble upon a secret water passageway in a cave. John B and Sarah go inside the passage, leading them to El Dorado and the gold. Finally!

When they resurface, they find Singh waiting for them. (He used Big John's blood trail to track them down).

Singh makes John B open his backpack filled with gold and then gives Big John three seconds to appear before he shoots. Big John comes out with a firecracker and threatens to use it if Singh kills his son.

Singh doesn't believe Big John would destroy El Dorado, but to his surprise, he does. John B, Sarah and Big John all escape.

Ward dies (for real this time)

After hearing the explosion, Ward and the Pogues follow the sound.

Ward gets to John B, Sarah and Big John first. He threatens to kill Big John, but before he does, one of Singh's men appears, demanding gold.

Protecting his daughter from gunshots, Ward takes the bullets and pushes him and his assailant off the cliff.

Big John also dies

After Ward's sacrifice, the Pogues notice that Big John isn't doing well. He's lost a lot of blood. They bring him to the boat and start sailing down the river. Big John dies on the way.

This means both Sarah and John B lose their fathers on this mission.

Time jump! The Pogues are honored for their work and presented with a new adventure

A year and a half later, the Pogues are honored for their work solving the 500-year-old mystery of Royal Merchant shipwreck and finding the location of El Dorado. (No word as to whether El Dorado survived the explosion.)

Given their knack for solving age-old mysteries, the teenagers are also presented a brand-new adventure: Locating the missing ship of Edward Teach, the pirate better known as Blackbeard, from 1718. They're likely to explore this in the show's already confirmed fourth season.