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What to remember before watching ‘Outer Banks’ Season 3

Long story short, the Pogues almost get the treasure. Emphasis on almost.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season Two of "Outer Banks."

The cast of "Outer Banks" is back for more adventures. If season Three new season is anything like the last, it will be filled with even more twists and turns and near misses with treasure.

"Outer Banks" is an adventure-mystery saga which follows a group of friends who call themselves the Pogues on a hunt for a long-lost treasure worth $400 million.

John B (Chase Stokes), the leader of the group, is determined to find the treasure, which he believes is connected to his father's disappearance.

In Season One, his crew actually tracks down the gold from the historic Royal Merchant shipwreck. But they're not the only ones looking for the ship's riches: Ward Cameron (Charles Esten), Sarah Cameron's (Madelyn Cline) father, is obsessed with the treasure too, too, and willing to go to extreme lengths to get it.

Before jumping into Season Three, let's recap what happened last season, which saw part of the friend group in the Bahamas looking for treasure. Keep reading for a refresher of everything that went down in Season Two.

Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron Carlacia Grant as Cleo in "Outer Banks."
Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron Carlacia Grant as Cleo in "Outer Banks."Netflix

John B and Sarah escape the Outer Banks

At the end of Season One, Ward Cameron pins the death of Sheriff Peterkin on John B In fact, Rafe Cameron, Ward's son, killed the sheriff — but John B is nonetheless wanted for the crime.

Sarah tries, and fails, to clear John B's name after her father intervenes. So, at the end of Season One, she and John B sail off with the intention of going to Mexico.

Instead, they head straight into a storm.

And end up in the Bahamas

After their ship crashes, John B and Sarah are rescued by a boat heading to the Bahamas. Conveniently, that's where Ward had sent the gold from the Royal Merchant. Their journey hits another stumble when they learn the boat's crew plans to turn John B into the authorities for a $50,000 reward.

They manage to escape and gain a new friend: Cleo (Carlacia Grant), a member of the boat's crew who eventually gains Pogues status.

Sarah's brother Rafe shoots her

With the help of Cleo, John B and Sarah manage to steal the gold back from Ward. However, in the process, Sarah is shot in the stomach by Rafe, her own brother.

Sarah actually dies for a few minutes, and is revived by a life-saving emergency surgery performed by Doc Marsh (Marshall Bell). The gold is gone, and so is Sarah's loyalty to her family.

The Cross of Santo Domingo means the treasure is even bigger

The Pogues discover the existence of the treasure is Season One — and learn the extent of it in Season Two.

Back in the Outer Banks, Pope (Jonathan Daviss) learns about more of the treasure from a woman named Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell). She says the Cross of Santo Domingo is worth a fortune and she says has healing powers.

Pope learns he's connected to the Royal Merchant

Pope learns he's the descendant of Denmark Tanney, the formerly enslaved man who survived the Royal Merchant shipwreck and came to possess the Cross of Santo Domingo. After learning the tragedy of Denmark's life, Pope becomes determined to get the cross back from the Camerons.

Sarah and John B get married

On their way back to the Outer Banks, Sarah and John B have an unofficial wedding ceremony. Their bliss is short lived: When they return to North Carolina, John B is charged with murder and faces the death penalty.

Ward fakes his own death

If there's anything to remember from Season Two, it's that Sarah's family is ruthless.

Although he knows his son killed the sheriff, Ward admits to killing her himself. After making a confessional video, Ward stands on his boat, and police officers and Pogues look on as the boat explodes. Sarah, in shock, starts to scream.

In Episode Nine, we learn Ward faked his own death, using scuba gear to swim away from the explosion.

Sarah is kidnapped by her family, then rescued again

Sarah's been shot and betrayed by her family members — and ends Season Two by their side. She's last seen on a cargo ship with her brother Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey), sister Wheezie (Julia Antonelli), stepmom Rose Cameron (Caroline Arapoglou), and dad.

They're headed for Guadalupe, gold in tow.

Little do the Camerons know, the Pogues are in a shipping container on the ship with the intention of rescuing Sarah. With Cleo's help (yes, she also works on this ship, they rescue Sarah, and end up on a shipwrecked island they name Poguelandia.

And John B's dad is alive!

The end of Season Two leaves us hanging when we find out that John B's dad is actually alive and living in Barbados.

Carla, the new character we met through Pope, knows him, and is trying to get him to help her son.