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‘Stranger Things’ star says that his character is gay and loves Mike: ‘It’s 100% clear’

"In Season 1, they hinted at that and slowly, slowly grew that storyline," Noah Schnapp said.

There's no question about it, according to Noah Schnapp: His beloved "Stranger Things" character Will Byers is in love with best friend Mike Wheeler (played by Finn Wolfhard).

After telling Variety in March that his character's sexuality was "up to the audience’s interpretation," Schnapp clarified what's been going on with Will after Season Four saw him emotional and trying to connect with Mike even as his old friend was more focused on his girlfriend, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).

“I mean, it’s pretty clear this season that Will has feelings for Mike,” he told Variety in an interview that was published on Thursday. “They’ve been intentionally pulling that out over the past few seasons. Even in Season 1, they hinted at that and slowly, slowly grew that storyline.”

Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler and Noah Schnapp as Will Byers in "Stranger Things."
Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler and Noah Schnapp as Will Byers in "Stranger Things."Netflix

"Now it’s 100% clear that he is gay and he does love Mike," Schnapp added.

In Season Four, Will revealed his true feelings for his friend in a conversation where he detailed the reasons Eleven loved Mike. While the character never officially labeled his sexuality or told Mike how he felt, Schnapp remembers crying and "going all out" when he was on set that day.

"I liked how they edited it together. The day was a lot of fun," he said. "I love just playing with Will. This scene was really important for him, because it really solidified that truth, that he loves his best friend and he doesn’t know how to tell him."

Throughout this season of "Stranger Things," viewers saw Will less focused on monsters like the Mind Flayer and instead grappling with the reality of being a teen in a new town. In previous seasons, the harsh truth of growing up has been a focus of Will's storylines, especially as his friends found girlfriends and explored other interests outside of the foursome's Dungeons and Dragons games.

“All his friends, they all have girlfriends and they all fit into their different clubs," Schnapp said. "Will has never really found anywhere to fit in. I think that’s why so many people come up to me and tell me that they love Will and they resonate with him so much, because it’s such a real character."

Because of that, Schnapp had to take a different approach to his character in Season Four.

“This season was a new thing for me. I had to explore him navigating his personal identity issues and struggling with growing up and assimilating into high school,” Schnapp said. “It was new for me.”