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Nicole Kidman eats an entire photograph in trailer for bizarre series

This show looks like a wild ride!
We did not see this coming.
We did not see this coming.Apple TV+

We’re not 100% sure what is happening in the trailer for the upcoming Apple TV+ series “Roar,” but it involves Nicole Kidman eating — yes, eating — a photograph.

The trailer opens with Kidman’s character looking nostalgically at a photo album. She holds up a faded picture of a little girl — her daughter, maybe, or herself? — and then seemingly overcome with emotion, she crumples up the photo and shoves it into her mouth.

This bizarre moment sets the tone for this eight-part anthology series, which Apple describes as a collection of “darkly comic feminist fables.”

Each vignette follows the story of a different woman, and the stories appear to range in tone from bitingly absurd to downright sinister. 

Not much is revealed about Kidman’s character except that she is The Woman Who Ate Photographs.

“There’s a lot of photos missing,” a man who may be her husband says in one scene. “I ate them,” she explains.

In one particularly chilling storyline, Betty Gilpin plays a woman who thinks her husband is building a shelf to display his golf trophies, but it turns out it’s a shelf to display … her. 

This is straight-up psychological horror.
This is straight-up psychological horror.Apple TV+

“Insecure” creator Issa Rae stars in another vignette about a woman who is literally unable to be heard, despite speaking clearly, in a conference room full of men.

In other storylines, British comedy legend Meera Syal plays a woman who attempts to return her husband like a lawnmower to a hardware store, while “Run” actor Merritt Wever plays a woman who appears to be dating a duck. 

There's a lot to unpack here.
There's a lot to unpack here.Apple TV+

The series, executive produced by Kidman, is based on a collection of short stories by Irish author Cecelia Ahern. Cynthia Erivo, Alison Brie, Fivel Stewart and Kara Hayward also star.

All eight episodes of “Roar” will debut on Apple TV+ on Friday, April 15.