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How Nick Lachey would respond to his kids going on 'Love Is Blind'

Speaking to, the "Love Is Blind" host said he "gets" why parents are skeptical of the show: "It's tricky."

For contestants on "Love Is Blind," the hardest part might not be getting engaged in the pods. It might be telling the other people in their lives that they got engaged in the pods.

Time and time again, contestants have to persuade their friends, siblings and, most often, their parents that yes, their heads are screwed on straight, and yes, they're consenting to this marriage and yes, they're excited about all this. Couldn't they just be happy for them?

Season Four, which is currently airing on Netflix, sees different versions of this scenario among the engaged couples. Micah Lussier, 27, deals with a skeptical best friend, who thinks her fiancé Paul Peden, 29, isn't right for her. Bliss Poureetezadi, 33, has a dad who openly says she's acting hastily by marrying Zack Goytowski, 31. And Kwame Appiah, 33, has a mom who refuses to come on the show at all.

After four seasons of hosting with wife Vanessa Lachey, Nick Lachey has seen it all.

Speaking to, the father of three says he sometimes wonders how he would handle one of his kids calling him up to say he or she was planning on going on reality TV ... or was engaged to someone he had never seen face-to-face.

"It'd be a tricky one," Lachey tells, saying he understands where parents are coming from when they express concern about their kids' romantic decisions on the show.

"It’s like, ‘Dad, I met this guy who I never saw, and we’re engaged an we’re getting married in two weeks.’ That’s a lot for any parent to digest," he says. "I get it.”

Nick Lachey — who is dad to sons Camden, 9, and Phoenix, 5, and daughter Brooklyn, 7 — says "Love Is Blind" captures a broader parenting quandary: How do you let your kids go?

"You want the best for your kids. But you don't always necessarily think your kids are making the right decisions. At the same time, you have to take your hands off the wheel. At the end of the day, the kids got to live their own lives and make decisions," he says.

If this were to happen, he knows how he would handle it. "I'd definitely want to ask questions and make sure I understand," he says.

He won't even make any guarantees to future parents of "Love Is Blind" cast members that their kids will thrive on the show.

"I don't think I'll take that responsibility. Everybody's got to be responsible for their own their own futures. I got enough trouble worrying about mine!" he says, laughing.

The Lacheys will host a live Season Four reunion episode on April 16 on Netflix.