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'Secure relationships are boring as hell': 'Never Have I Ever' cast weighs in on Devi’s love triangle

The stars who play everyone's favorite high schoolers are equally as fascinated by the exciting love triangle on the hit Netflix show.

Many of us love a fairytale romance, but let's be honest: Watching a TV or film couple navigate a whole bunch of twists and turns is often more satisfying than the actual happy ending. And that's something the "Never Have I Ever" cast knows quite well.

Fans of the hit Netflix series have been following the entertaining romantic antics of its teenage protagonist Devi Vishwakumar, played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, for the past two seasons and there's been plenty of intrigue along the way.

As the show prepares to return for its third season on Aug. 12, TODAY caught up with Ramakrishnan, Darren Barnet (Paxton) and Jaren Lewison (Ben) to get to the bottom of what makes the #Bevi vs. #Daxton love triangle so appealing.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi and Darren Barnet as Paxton.
Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi and Darren Barnet as Paxton. Netflix

On the love triangle fans can't get enough of

At the end of Season Two, Devi and Paxton go public with their budding relationship at the school dance. Meanwhile, Devi's friend Eleanor (played by Ramona Young) casually tells Ben that Devi had been crushing on him for weeks while he was flirting with Aneesa.

It's a back and forth game that viewers can't get enough of, and it turns out that the actors themselves are equally as fascinated by the unconventional love triangle.

"You have, on one end, someone who is exactly like her in so many ways, and challenges her in so many ways and drives her absolutely mad. And then the other (is this) seemingly unattainable dream boat that she thinks she’ll never be with," Barnet explained. "So they both seem somewhat unlikely to actually work out. And I think that conflict in general just keeps it interesting and keeps you on your toes at all times."

Ben (played by Jaren Lewison) is Devi's other love interest and they have a whole lot in common.
Ben (played by Jaren Lewison) is Devi's other love interest and they have a whole lot in common.Netflix

Ramakrishnan said it's a classic storyline that the show's creator Mindy Kaling is a big fan of.

"Mindy says it best and I totally agree with her that in TV especially, secure relationships are boring as hell. If they’re secure and happy all the time, it’s no fun," she explained.

Paxton and Devi have some crazy chemistry.
Paxton and Devi have some crazy chemistry. / Netflix

Instead, when you watch characters really fight for their happy ending, it tends to feel more satisfying for the viewers because honestly, it's more like real life.

"Mindy is a big fan of keeping things messy and moving all throughout the romantic lives of TV characters. So I think that’s what really keeps the audience into it because there’s just so many moving parts. It’s never always peachy keen," Ramakrishnan continued.

Ben and Devi have a connection that can't be denied.
Ben and Devi have a connection that can't be denied.LARA SOLANKI/NETFLIX / Netflix

On Paxton's growth as a character

Paxton has always been pegged as the dreamy, popular guy that every girl in high school is crushing on. But in Season Two, we saw his character begin to take school more seriously and he's about to show a lot more depth in Season Three as well. And Barnet is excited for young men to see that it's ok to speak openly about your insecurities and defy stereotypes.

"There’s this aura thing of masculinity that I think a lot of young men feel that they need to portray or exude. And especially with Paxton, he doesn't seem like the type of guy that you would expect to show a vulnerable side or admit that he can be into studying," Barnet explained.

Never Have I Ever
Paxton has grown up a lot over the past few seasons.Netflix

After exuding a somewhat superficial persona in Season One, Paxton evolves a little bit more each season and Barnet loves that he's becoming more in tune with his emotions.

"(It's rewarding to watch Paxton) finding his vulnerability and being okay to emote certain things and even be with Devi, who so many people may see as a mismatch but be proud of it. I think it’s important especially for kids in high school and younger adults to learn that it’s okay to do that no matter who you are or what your expectations may be," he said.