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Netflix's 'Dated & Related' promises to be the 'most awkward dating show in history'

Would you trust your sibling to help you find love?
/ Source: TODAY

Netflix has ventured into a sub-genre of reality television dating that no network or streaming platform has visited before.

On Thursday, the streaming giant released the trailer for the upcoming show “Dated & Related” on its social media platforms. In a tweet, the media company referred to the experiment as “the most awkward dating show in history.”

“Dated & Related” was one of the many new dating shows Netflix announced earlier this year, signaling the streaming platform’s focus on reality television romance.

Back in April, Netflix dropped Season One of “The Ultimatum” which showed couples dating other people before deciding if they wanted to get married or break up. “Indian Matchmaking“ returns for Season 2 later this year.

Between the 2021 series “Sexy Beasts” — in which contestants dressed up in headgear and makeup before going on blind dates — and “Dated & Related,” it seems there is truly nothing Netflix contestants won’t do to find love. 

Here's what to know, based on the trailer and other information provided by Netflix.

The trailer sets up the show's premise

The clip opens with gorgeous shots of a beachside residence before a voiceover says, “Imagine being swept away to a luxury villa in the South of France. You’re there to find love in the most romantic country in the world with other gorgeous singles.”

The unknown voice then reveals the twist: “Oh, did I not mention the catch? You’ll be joined by your brother or sister who’s also looking for love.”

Throughout the trailer, pairs of siblings are shown crying plenty of tears as they try to navigate finding love under the watchful (and occasionally judgmental) eyes of their brother, sister or cousin.

“Is this about to be the most awkward dating show in history?” the voiceover asks. 

The next shot in the teaser seems to answer that question. One contestant sits directly next to his cousin and watches him passionately kiss another contestant. 

Netflix’s media site includes more information about how “Dated & Related” will work.

It looks like some of the contestants could try to sabotage their sibling’s love life.

“Having the person who knows you better than anyone should help you navigate the tricky world of dating,” the official description on the press site said. “But will they act as the ultimate wingman and help you find love? Or scupper your plans and call you out on all your bulls----?”

A familiar face will host the show

At the end of the clip, Melinda Berry from Season Two of Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle” is revealed to be the face behind the mysterious voiceover. Berry will host the show’s first season.  

Here's when 'Dated and Related' will come out

Netflix’s tweet about the show also confirmed that it will hit the streaming platform on Sept. 2. 

The cast of 'Dated and Related' has been announced, too

The cast was announced along with the teaser. "Dated and Related" will feature eight duos: Seven sets of siblings and one set of cousins. They're from around the world, including New Jersey, Texas, the U.K., Canada and Cyprus.

Cast of Netlfix's "Dated & Related."
Cast of Netlfix's "Dated & Related."Ana Blumenkron / Netflix