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Are Bartise and Nancy from ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 still together?

Bartise’s brutal honesty led to some awkward conversations.
Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden
Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden in season 3 of "Love Is Blind."Netflix
/ Source: TODAY

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season 3 of “Love Is Blind” on Netflix.

After Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden’s first conversation in Episode One, it seemed obvious that the two would get engaged. They became one of five couples to form in Season Three, out of 30 initial cast members.

Rodriguez’s infectious laugh and bubbly personality left Bowden with a permanent smile on his face during their talks. He impressed her when he spoke about the importance of family and revealed the tattoo he has written in Spanish on his arm that reads, “There’s always something to smile about.” 

They developed trust when the real estate investor opened up about being an egg donor in college and how other partners have not been supportive of her decision. The senior analyst immediately assured Rodriguez that he would not judge her past. 

Everything was going remarkably well until Bowden told Rodriguez that he was only 25 at the time. Rodriguez, now 32, questioned if she and Bowden were at different stages in their lives and if she should pursue her connection with Andrew Liu instead.

Liu charmed Rodriguez with stories about his travels and spontaneous lifestyle, but she realized that she was in love with Bowden and only wanted to date him. 

Meanwhile, Bowden, who had been entertaining a potential relationship with Raven Ross, confirmed his strong feelings for Rodriguez and proposed to her. 

While on their couples getaway, Rodriguez and Bowden quickly developed their physical connection and were not afraid to share intimate and slightly embarrassing details about past relationships.

But Bowden’s blunt confession about his attraction for Raven at the end of Episode Four could foreshadow some problems they will face throughout the season.

Let’s take a look at some deal breakers that could possibly prevent them from tying the knot in the finale on Nov. 9. 

Out of the pods, they started off in a 'honeymoon phase'

When Bowden and Rodriguez met each other for the first time, they couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. They marveled at their matching outfits and Bowden said it was a sign they were “meant to be.”

At the start of their trip to Malibu, taken with the other couples, they were extremely affectionate. Rodriguez told the cameras that she was excited to spend their first night together.

However, Bowden revealed in his confessional that he was still trying to connect Rodriguez’s physical appearance to the person he imagined he was speaking to in the pods. 

The following morning, Bowden laughed and confirmed there was “consummation of the engagement, a couple times.” Rodriguez also appeared to be happy with how their relationship was going so far.   

On their date, they fed each other fruit and discussed their age difference. They agreed that their six-year separation was not a big deal and that they wanted to focus on the future instead. Bowden even suggested they get matching tattoos after their wedding.

Trouble emerged when Bartise told Nancy that he was attracted to Raven

However, by the end of Episode Four, Rodriguez and Bowden were no longer on the same page. 

After meeting the rest of couples, Bowden told Rodriguez that he did not think Ross and her fiancé  Sikiru “SK” Alagbada would last. He then shared that he “loved” seeing Ross for the first time and called the pilates instructor a “smokeshow.” He added that he would approach Ross if he saw her in the real world. 

Rodriguez said she was comfortable with Bowden’s honesty, but in her confessional she said she was “the complete opposite” of what he wanted physically in a partner. 

After Malibu, they had some heated disagreements

In the second batch of episodes, Bowden and Rodriguez adjusted to daily life in Dallas and meet each others' families. However, tension persisted.

Bowden had a private conversation with Ross in which he, once again, complimented her.

Then, Rodriguez and Bowden had a disagreement over abortion in Episode Six, which continued when the real estate investor met Bowden's family. His relatives, particularly his sister, also had strong feelings on the topic.

“The topic of abortion definitely worries me,” Nancy said after meeting Bowden's sister. “I wasn’t afraid to bring up the topic, but I know that a lot of people don’t understand. Although I was sad to see her cry, I was hoping that they would understand why I have my own beliefs.”

Bowden had his own reaction. "I did want my sister’s approval, but it’s not my sister’s decision to make," he shared. "It’s my decision to make, and I’ve known Nancy a lot longer than my sister and mom and dad."

He continued, "So now it’s on me to go from here and maturely understand what happened tonight, but also weigh what has happened up until tonight … Seeing my family react the way they did with that information, this is the biggest thing for me to have to get through.”

They continued to grow distant

At the start of Episode Eight, Bowden expressed multiple frustrations to the cameras. He revealed he was still grappling with their different opinions on abortion and he was pulling away from Rodriguez.

When the two finally sat down for a chat, Rodriguez told Bowden that his comments to her were "immature." He apologized for hurting her and they agreed to work on their communication skills.

Before their final date, the two decided to get permanent bracelets as a representation of their love for each other.

Bartise said he needed to show Nancy how much he loved her

During their final date, Bowden said he realized he needed to do everything he could to assure Rodriguez that he will be a good partner.

"I'm just glad that I picked the perfect guy," Rodriguez replied. "And every day you show me more and more why I chose you."

They said they were back in the fairy tale-stage of their relationship. Rodriguez shared, "You aren't just some guy that I fell in love with. Like, you are the guy that I want to spend the rest of my life with."

What happened at the wedding?From the moment she arrived at the venue, Rodriguez was beaming. As she recalled the challenges she and Bowden had faced throughout their short courtship, her smile made it obvious that she planned to say "I do" at the altar.

Although Bowden told one of his friends he needed to prepare a speech for the reception, he did not appear confident that he would go through with the wedding. He also repeated his concerns about Rodriguez having a business partnership with her ex.

One of Bowden's friends delivered a gift from Rodriguez as the groom was getting ready. She thoughtfully packed a bag filled with items that referenced their inside jokes and moments they shared throughout their journey. After looking at the gift, Bowden cried and walked away. While alone in the bathroom, he said "It just feels so big, this whole experience (and) this whole wedding."

He sent her a gift as well. He gave her a shot of alcohol with a message that said, "Let's do the damn thing. Love you baby."

At the altar, Rodriguez told Bowden she loved him and said "I do." Episode 10 ended with a cliffhanger of Rodriguez and the officiator awaiting Bowden's reply.

Episode 11 began with his answer: "I do not."

Rodriguez's family members---especially her brother---were immediately irate. Bowden asked to speak to his bride, but she declined and left the ceremony.

What did Bartise say after rejecting Nancy?

"It's fine. Don't hug me," Rodriguez repeated to her mother as she sobbed. Bowden took Rodriguez to a separate spot to discuss what happened, leading to a dramatic confrontation between him, Rodriguez's mother and her brother.

"You'll have your time. Let me talk to my fiancée right now," Bowden bluntly told Rodriguez's mother. Rodriguez asked her mother to leave so her fiancé could explain why he rejected her.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez's brother said he did not know how to feel because he "did not want to be right" about the situation. His mother tried to calm him down and explain that he needed to support his sister.

"She's my only daughter," she said to her son. "Do you think I'm broken? But I cannot be broken because I've got to be strong for her. Do you understand that?"

Rodriguez said she did not enjoy seeing her family embarrassed. Her mother then returned and said, in front of Bowden, that he was not ready for her. She also questioned why Bowden did not share his feelings to Rodriguez beforehand.

Rodriguez's brother walked over, hoping to hear why Bowden made his decision . But, Bowden stated that he did not owe them an explanation.

Finally, Rodriguez told her family to, "Back off."

During a private conversation away from their families, Rodriguez said Bowden gave her hope with the shot he sent before the wedding. She also told him that he "gaslit" her.

He claimed he was unsure of his decision the entire day. The real estate investor said she did not want to hear more of Bowden's excuses. She broke the matching "permanent bracelet" they bought and told him their relationship was over.

Later, Bowden told the cameras that he would not change anything and that he did not think he did anything wrong.