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Mindy Kaling on ‘Never Have I Ever’ ending after season 4: It’s ‘the perfect amount of time’

The cast also shared memories from their final days on set. 
/ Source: TODAY

Season Three of “Never Have I Ever” just dropped on Friday, Aug. 12, and fans are already anticipating what’s coming next — the show’s fourth and final season.

In March, Netflix confirmed that the highly successful coming-of-age series about a first generation Indian American teenager named Devi Vishwakumar, played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, would end after four seasons

That means co-creators Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher have just 10 episodes left to wrap up Devi’s story and finally confirm if the love triangle will end with the teen choosing #Team Paxton, #Team Ben or a different option. 

Kaling spoke to TODAY about the looming end to the series at the “Never Have I Ever” Season Three premiere in Westwood, California, last week. 

The multihyphenate explained that a four-season run is fitting considering “Never Have I Ever” is technically a teen show. 

“Every year the cast is getting older and we want them to be believably in high school,” Kaling said. “We knew how we wanted to end the show when we started the show. And four years does seem just to be like the perfect amount of time for a high school show.” 

Fisher agreed that four seasons seems like the perfect amount of time. 

She said, “I think it feels nice to us now to have four seasons for four years in high school because high school shows are hard. You don’t want everybody to be in their mid 30s still in high school, you know. So you have to let them grow up a bit.”

The co-creator, writer and executive producer continued, “But it feels nice to know that this was our last season so that we could really land the plane in the right way. Hopefully, fans will be very happy with the way we wrap things up.”

Saying goodbye is never easy and the cast has already bid their emotional farewells to the set–Jaren Lewison, who plays Ben Gross, confirmed to TODAY that the final season has already been filmed.

Kaling joked on the red carpet about having second thoughts after the cameras stopped rolling. 

“Of course, once you finish shooting Season Four, I was like, ‘No, I want to do the show for another 10 years!’” she said. “But that’s just the way it goes.” 

Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's "Never Have I Ever" Season 3
Darren Barnet attends the Los Angeles premiere of Netflix's "Never Have I Ever" Season 3 on Aug. 11, 2022.Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images for Netflix

The cast also shared a few touching moments from their final days on set.Darren Barnet, who plays Paxton Hall-Yoshida, said that he walked through the show’s fictional Sherman Oaks High School hallway as it was being torn down. He saw all the empty classrooms and Paxton’s famous garage only had a bench press in it.

Los Angeles Premiere of "Never Have I Ever" Season 3 - Arrivals
Benjamin Norris at the Los Angeles premiere of "Never Have I Ever" Season 3.Gilbert Flores / Variety via Getty Images

“I cried with Ben Norris,” he said, referencing the actor who plays Trent. “We just cried and thanked each other for having each other’s backs and being so kind to one another and being a pleasure to work with, you know, realizing how much of a blessing this all was.” 

Since the cast had other events coming up like press tours and a wrap party, Megan Suri, who plays Aneesa, said she did not expect to get emotional. But, she ended up shedding a few tears after she filmed her last scene. 

She shared, “Once they called my name and said ‘series wrap Megan Suri,’ I looked over to my left and Ramona (Young, who plays Eleanor Wong) started bawling her eyes out. I think that that really hit me and then I had this like main character moment walking outside of the studio, just like by myself in the middle of the night. I was like crying down the street.” 

Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's "Never Have I Ever" Season 3 - Arrivals
(L-R) Actors Ramona Young and Megan Suri at the Los Angeles premiere of Netflix's "Never Have I Ever" Season 3.Amanda Edwards / FilmMagic

Young told TODAY she was “heartbroken” when she learned about the show ending. 

“I was so sad and I cried forever after finding out,” she said. “But also I feel like I felt that way because I was really proud of what we did, so far.”

Lewison echoed her positive outlook. He said he had anticipated being a “blubbering mess” but he had a different reaction.

Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's "Never Have I Ever" Season 3 - Arrivals
Jaren Lewison attends Los Angeles premiere of Netflix's "Never Have I Ever" Season 3.Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

He explained, “I was just filled with gratitude and joy and appreciation for this incredible show that people love so much with such unbelievable friends that I’ve made that I know will be some of my best friends for life.”

Their friendships translated on-screen as well as fans watched multiple connections—particularly between Devi, Ben and Paxton–grow in Season Three. It’s one of the many reasons viewers will miss the show. 

Thankfully, Netflix has yet to announce the premiere date for the final season, which means the inevitable goodbye can be postponed, for now.