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Miles Teller’s impression of Peyton Manning on ‘SNL’ was so spot on it’s scary

The "Top Gun: Maverick" star hosted "Saturday Night Live" for the first time over the weekend.
The resemblance is uncanny! Miles Teller totally looked like Peyton Manning in his "SNL" skit.
The resemblance is uncanny! Miles Teller totally looked like Peyton Manning in his "SNL" skit.NBC

Miles Teller isn't afraid to poke fun at himself ― or Peyton Manning.

The actor channeled his inner football commentator during the "Saturday Night Live" season premiere over the weekend, and his impression of Manning was spot on.

The 35-year-old, who hosted "SNL" for the first time, teamed up with comedian Andrew Dismukes for a skit where they portrayed Peyton and Eli Manning, respectively.

Teller made us do a double take with his impersonation of the 46-year-old and looked just like the former football pro with his light hair, zipper pullover and familiar facial expressions. He also mastered the former Denver Broncos quarterback's accent.

At the beginning of the skit, Teller introduces himself as Peyton Manning, and Dismukes responds, "And I'm Eli Manning, his brother."

"Yeah, I think they know we’re brothers because of the same last name," Teller replies.

"Oh yeah," Dismukes says with a slight laugh.

Peyton Manning
We bet Peyton Manning enjoyed the skit.Danny Ventrella / NBC

Teller then sets the stage for the skit, explaining the idea behind their show.

"Now this is our 'ManningCast' where we do live analysis of what’s already playing on TV. Normally we do it during 'Monday Night Football,'" he says.

At this point, Dismukes as the younger Manning interjects and says, "Yeah, but tonight's not Monday. It's Saturday."

In a sarcastic tone, Teller then says, "Great insight, Eli."

The duo then provides commentary for a skit focused on former President Donald Trump, and they even bring in three-time "SNL" host Jon Hamm for some additional insight. When asked for his thoughts on the skit so far, Hamm says: “I don’t know, but it’s not comedy. They haven't even used Kenan (Thompson) yet. That’s like putting a whole team of Elis on the field, and you’ve got Peyton sitting on the sidelines," he says, "No offense, Eli."

"Oh no, I agree," Dismukes chimes in.

As the skit progresses, snowboarder Shaun White also makes a guest appearance, and Teller seems a bit confused.

"Shaun White? That is just gratuitous stunt casting,” Teller says. 

Hamm replies by poking fun at Teller, his co-star in the film "Top Gun: Maverick."

"Well, you know, sometimes they need to bring in a real celebrity when the host isn't that famous. I mean, when they couldn't get the star of the big summer movie or Tom Cruise or your Jon Hamm they had to get the co-star," he explains.  

Teller fires back by saying, "Well, I heard they rarely put the hosts in cold opens so when they do it is special."

One of the real-life Manning brothers seemed to thoroughly enjoy the skit and posted about it on Twitter.

"To get made fun of on SNL, a dream come true," Eli Manning wrote on Oct. 2.

His brother is no stranger to "SNL" and even appeared in an episode earlier this year to do a skit about the hit Netflix show "Emily in Paris."