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Michael Cera hilariously explains how CeraVe approached him for that now-viral Super Bowl ad

CeraVe's Super Bowl ad made headlines over the weekend, as Cera conveyed his passion for skin and moisturizing to more than 120 million people.
/ Source: TODAY

Michael Cera has long been teasing his Super Bowl collaboration with skin care brand CeraVe, but the actor didn't fully understand how perfect he was for the role.

Cera appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Feb. 12 and talked about his recent and ongoing projects, including the hilarious story behind the now-famed Super Bowl ad.

In the ad, Cera says he is the developer of CeraVe's moisturizing cream, since "human skin" is his "passion." Cera then gets a moisturized massage and later climbs a mountain, where he says, "Let my cream hydrate you," with his "three essential ceramides."

The ad zooms out and Cera shows that video to a boardroom of CeraVe employees, who aren't exactly sold on the idea. But the ad and tagline, "Developed with Michael Cera, Ve," have gone viral in the real world across social media. Some have even called it "a perfect commercial."

But why does Cera think he got the role? Well, because he's named Cera, of course.

"I have the last name Cera, as you know, so I think I was the only actor that they approached, fortunately for me," Cera said on "The Tonight Show."

"John Cena can't do it," Fallon replied.

"Unless they change their product," Cera joked.

"Yeah CenaVe, no." Fallon responded.

Cera said he doesn't usually get approached about opportunities like Super Bowl ads partly because he doesn't have any social media, which has become a major player in how commercials get spread to every corner of the internet.

"I just had it locked up because I'm the only person named Cera," he said. "They were like, 'We want people to think you're crazy,' and I was like, 'Great, that'll get attention.'"

And the ad did get attention, as it premiered to the more than 120 million people who tuned in for the game Feb. 11. Since then, viewers have continued to deem it one of the best Super Bowl commercials in years.

But why doesn't Cera have any social media? Well, partly because he doesn't have a smartphone.

"Was that real, that phone you have in your dressing room?" Fallon asked.

"Yeah, that's my phone," Cera replied.

"What year is that from?" Fallon questioned.

"It's new," Cera said.

"That is not new." Fallon replied.

I just had it locked up because I'm the only person named Cera. They were like, 'We want people to think you're crazy,' and I was like, 'Great, that'll get attention.'

Michael cera

Shockingly enough, the flip phone Cera uses is new, and it is even made by another company with the actor's last name in it — Kyocera.

"I'm very happy with it, except sometimes people don't understand what I'm attempting to communicate over the phone," Cera said, before recalling a recent phone conversation he had with his lawyer.

"We were talking about a deal we're making. I said, 'It feels like our position has greatly weakened,' and he said, 'You, too, Michael, have a great weekend,'" he continued.

So while it seems Cera will stay off social media and on his flip phone for the time being, if Kyocera ever wants to make one of their future ads go viral, there's already one man locked into the role.