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Melanie Lynskey’s Drew Barrymore impression is so good it knocked Jimmy Fallon off his feet

"That is her!" Jimmy Fallon said after hearing the impression.
/ Source: TODAY

If she wasn't an A-list actor, Melanie Lynskey could have a future doing comedic impressions.

During an appearance on the March 16 episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Lynskey, 45, did her best Drew Barrymore impression when she recalled a gift that she received from Barrymore, 48, when they did their 1998 film, “Ever After: A Cinderella Story.”

Lynskey explained that she wanted to get her co-star a gift after Barrymore already surprised her with one. So she went to an antique market and found these beautiful plates "with a butterfly opening in different stages."

"I was like, 'Perfect!'" she recalled.

However, when Lynskey presented Barrymore with her present, she said she wasn't ready for the "Never Been Kissed" star's reaction.

While doing her best Barrymore impression, that also included a high-pitched voice, Lynskey said that Barrymore told her, "If each one of these plates was to fall to the floor and smash into a thousand million pieces, each one of the pieces would scream, 'I love you, Melanie.'"

Jimmy Fallon and Melanie Lynskey
Fallon was so impressed with Lynskey's impression, he hopped out of his seat and doubled over laughing.The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

After hearing that, host Jimmy Fallon got out of his seat and let out a huge laugh.

Although Lynskey told him that she didn't think her impression was all that good, Fallon begged to differ.

"That is unbelievable!" he said while still laughing. "That was an unbelievable impression. That is exactly Drew, by the way. That is her."

Lynskey explained that Barrymore's reaction made her think the actor was "the most beautiful" and "poetic" person she's ever met.

"I was just like, 'Oh, you're a fairy,'" she said.

"She really is a fairy," Fallon added.

Melanie Lynskey, Anjelica Huston, and Drew Barrymore in "Ever After  - A Cinderella Story Year."
Melanie Lynskey, Anjelica Huston and Drew Barrymore in "Ever After: A Cinderella Story."Alamy Stock Photo

In July 2022, Lynskey looked back on her time playing Jacqueline in "Ever After" and told "Entertainment Tonight" that was a "really wonderful time" for her.

She said, “(I thought) moviemaking is magic! And they’re not all like that I came to learn. They’re not all so magic, but it was a good time.”

Now, Lynskey is getting ready for Season Two of her popular Showtime series, "Yellowjackets."

The show follows a group of women who were left to fend for themselves after their plane crashed into the wilderness. Season Two is set to premiere on March 24.

While talking about the show recently on TODAY, Lynskey said that fans will enjoy the new season because the script is "great" and Episode Two is "just wild."