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Meet the lucky bachelorette Hoda and Jenna are helping find love

Jennifer Rizk is a gorgeous New Yorker who is ready to kick her dating life into high gear.

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager are back at it again!

After helping E! News host Justin Sylvester find his perfect match on TODAY With Hoda & Jenna, they asked fans to submit their applications for a chance to be featured on the show as part of their new segment, "Hook Me Up, Hoda and Jenna." After they combed through plenty of submissions, they finally found the lucky viewer who they'll set up on three dates in January.

What's the mystery person's name?

Her name is Jennifer Rizk. She's an Egyptian-American woman who wants to find Mr. Right.

Who is Jennifer?

Jennifer is a 34-year-old New Yorker who is no stranger to Brooklyn's trendy Williamsburg area. After attending college at Northwestern University, she went to Wharton to get her MBA and now works at a big tech company in NYC.

Jennifer Rizk poses for a photo while dining at a restaurant.
Jennifer Rizk poses for a photo while dining at a restaurant.Courtesy Jennifer Rizk

What's Jennifer's dating life like?

Although both of her older sisters are married with children, Jennifer hasn't found the right guy to settle down with. She spent most of her 20s in a long-term relationship, but they broke it off when she was 28.

Since then, Jennifer has been dating around in New York, but none of them have been the right match. After being single for some time, Jennifer is ready to put herself back out there and find the love of her life!

What is Jennifer looking for?

This technology aficionado doesn't ask for much: Just a nice guy who makes her heart go pitter-patter. However, it would also help if he could make her laugh, hold a conversation that's not about the weather and have the drive to want to do something more with his life than beat the high score in a video game.

With that being said, successful men definitely aren't off the table.

Why is Jennifer single?

Yes, Jennifer is a huge catch, but like most people her age, she finds it hard to balance her work and dating life. Even though she's on a few dating apps, they haven't helped her find the one and that's why Jennifer has reached out to the perfect matchmakers: Hoda and Jenna.

Don't worry, girl. You're in really good hands!