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Mayim Bialik weighs in on the ‘Jeopardy!’ blazer that had Twitter talking

What is ... happening?
ABC's "Jeopardy! National College Championship" 2022
Mayim Bialik opened up in a new interview about the sweater blazer that had Twitter buzzing.ABC via Getty Images

Mayim Bialik’s blazer made it on a second round of "Jeopardy!" last month. During an interview on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” she noted her outfit would likely not be back for a daily double.

Bialik, who previously starred in hit series such as “The Big Bang Theory” and “Blossom,” took on quizmaster duties for the long-running game show in 2021. She is expected to host future spinoff episodes of “Jeopardy” through the end of July 2022. 

During a segment on her eponymous talk show, actor Drew Barrymore noted how Bialik’s latest outfit had Twitter buzzing harder than the determined contestants of “Jeopardy.”

“So apparently, all day people are freaking out on Twitter and Instagram and social media and every portal about your jacket,” Barrymore remarked.

For her recent return to the trivia show’s dais on March 28, the host wore a burnt orange blazer which she described to Barrymore as having the fabric and quality of a sweater. Fans were quick to praise Bialik for switching up her hairstyle as well. Bialik, who has primarily worn her hair curly on the show, opted to pair her orange blazer with a more sleek, straightened bob. 

“Whoever is styling Mayim, bravo!!” One fan remarked on Twitter. “You should get a raise. The differences are subtle, but perfect!”

“Finally grabbed screenshots for this look from last night!” another user wrote in a tweet featuring images of the blazer. “She has worn this brown dress with a lighter tan blazer before, but she switched it for a rust orange blazer this time! Love the hair and dangly earrings!”

“I will never wear that blazer again. That’s it. Done!” Bialik quipped after Barrymore balked over the amount of attention the blazer had received. 

“I was gonna say a lot of people are saying, ‘she’s already worn that jacket, and she’s wearing it again,’” Barrymore remarked, underlining that the remarks about Bialik weren’t necessarily negative. “Just an absolute observant obsessive commenting about how you repeated a jacket.”

While Bialik said she would retire the blazer and laughed about the commentary, she did point out that men are more likely to be let off the hook for repeat offenses when it comes to fashion.

“I mean, look, for men in these hosting positions, they also change clothes every episode, but they wear like, a blue suit, a black suit, a gray suit, and they just change the ties,” Bialik noted. “It’s less noticeable.”

While she doesn't appear to be taking feedback from fans seriously, Bialik has acknowledged that she regards fashion as an integral factor of her duties as a host of the series.

In May 2021, the host explained that she felt compelled to pay homage and reverence to Alex Trek’s legacy by outfitting herself as he once did.

“For me, I really just wanted to look like the academic that I was trained to be. And to me, that does mean a certain amount of formality and decorum,” she explained. “And also in great respect to Alex Trebek, the image I have of him is in a suit, it’s ‘blazered’ up.”