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Mayim Bialik slipped in a little change to ‘Jeopardy!’ — and some fans aren’t into it

Some "Jeopardy!" viewers took issue with the way Bialik has been referring to the game's first round.
/ Source: TODAY

Mayim Bialik appears to have made a single, subtle change to “Jeopardy!” that fans have definitely noticed — and some aren't happy.

Bialik, who is taking turns hosting the longtime game show with Ken Jennings, has been calling the opening round of the game "Single Jeopardy," as opposed to just "the Jeopardy round," as it was known during Alex Trebek's tenure.

It’s not clear when Bialik first used the “Single Jeopardy” reference, but the tweak was not sitting well with some devoted "Jeopardy!" viewers. Recently, some fans have been expressing their disapproval on Twitter.

"Someone! Anyone!! PLEASE tell Mayim that the first round of #Jeopardy! is NOT known as 'Single Jeopardy,' it’s known as 'The Jeopardy Round,'" one viewer wrote.

"Annnnnd @missmayim said it. Single #Jeopardy (heavy sigh)," another person commented.

"@missmayim It is NOT single Jeopardy!! It is the Jeopardy round. Please don't keep calling it that," another viewer said.

"@missmayim #Jeopardy You make my brain hurt when you say "Single Jeopardy." Jeopardy has had enough change - stop trying to reinvent it please!" someone else wrote.

While there are plenty of people complaining, Bialik does have her supporters.

"Friendly reminder to any and all #Jeopardy fans screaming about Mayim Bialik’s usage of the term 'Single Jeopardy'. Stop," Twitter user The Jeopardy! Fan tweeted. "Her script literally says 'Single Jeopardy' at the top of it. So, fans, y’all are in the wrong here, and you need to stop harassing her."

"I LOVE Mayim Bialik hosting @Jeopardy !!!! She can make any changes she wants," another fan wrote.

Bialik first filled in as a guest host on "Jeopardy!" in May 2021, as one of the people tapped to stand in for Alex Trebek after he died in 2020. She has said she was taken aback by how loyal the show's audience is.

“I didn’t realize how much people had such strong and passionate opinions about ‘Jeopardy!’ and what happened to it,” she told TODAY last September. “The Twitter audience isn’t the typical ‘Jeopardy!’ viewing audience. So there’s been some interesting overlap here with how much (the) court of public opinion should weigh in on ‘Jeopardy!’ We’re all learning as we go here.”

Bialik and Jennings are scheduled to host the show through the fall. They were chosen to continue to split hosting in September after the show parted ways with former executive producer Mike Richards (who had been hired to replace Trebek) after he apologized for prior lawsuits and sexist comments he had made on a podcast.