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‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ star Alex Borstein reveals if Susie was in love with Midge after that 1 finale line

Speaking to, Borstein says Midge was the "greatest love" of Susie's life.
/ Source: TODAY

As the curtain falls on "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," Alex Borstein is opening up about her character Susie's true feelings toward Midge.

In an interview with, Borstein reflects on the final episode of the hit Amazon show, and what a small scene says about her relationship with Midge — and all that was left unsaid.

The sequence begins when Midge correctly picks on an, um, vibe between Susie and Gordon Ford's wife, Hedy (Nina Arianda). Turns out Hedy was a figure from Susie's past, and she's shaken up by her presence.

“I mean, you go on with your life, you file s--- away you don’t expect to ever have to deal with it again, and then there they are,” Susie continues. “Walking back into your life, uninvited, just standing there, and they don’t even have the decency to get fat or unattractive or stupid or dull.”

“You were ... involved?” Midge asks.

Then, the rest of the story unfolds: Susie and Hedy went to college together. Susie bussed tables at their dining room and Hedy would always sit in her section. One thing led to the next, and they got together. However, everything ended when Hedy left for a trip to Paris with her mom and came back engaged.

"Is that the only time you've ever been in love?" Midge asks.

"I didn't say love!" Susie says with a mouthful of cake, then continues, "but yes, and the last."

"I think you'll fall in love again," Midge responds.

Susie laughs and says it'll have "the same disastrous outcome" if she does, then holds her gaze on Midge and asks, "Were you ever a blond?"

"I was, college for a bit," Midge innocently answers.

"Yeah, I figured," Susie says as she looks down and takes another bite of cake.

Borstein tells she thinks Susie was "absolutely in love" with Midge, and it shines through Midge's similarities to Hedy.

"(Susie) loves deeply and she’s attracted to the same kind of person — very funny, very attractive, smart, smart women — and the last time she came across a creature that smart, that quick-witted, that funny, it was the love of her life," Borstein says.

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"The next time she comes across the same creature, it’s Midge, and she sees this is a business opportunity, but it’s that same attraction, that same soul that she was drawn to, the same spark."

Borstein says that Midge was "the greatest love" of Susie's life because she "didn’t allow it to turn into anything romantic" and therefore, a lifelong friendship was born.

"I absolutely think in a lot of ways Susie’s absolutely in love with Midge, but then the love is reciprocated and it turns into this friendship, this womance, kind of thing."

Borstein thinks Hedy is the last time Susie will ever let “anyone in again” in a romantic way to getting hurt again.

"(Susie) didn’t allow for a rejection to even enter the case, just kept it work," Borstein says of her relationship with Midge. "I think that was enough for her to survive on, I don’t know that she ever fell in love again."

While the last season hops from decade to decade and not all the in-between life moments are shown, viewers see Midge and Susie's strong relationship stand the test of time, all the way to 2005 when the final scene of the series takes place.

Midge is in a luxurious apartment in NYC, while Susie is inside a home surrounded by exotic plants and animals and "a whole continent away" from Midge. Over the phone, the two quickly banter as they always do, and they both pop in a taped episode of "Jeopardy!" to watch together while cracking jokes.

Life changes all around them, but nothing seems to have changed between them — especially not the love they have for each other.