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Exclusive: Watch ‘Love Island’ alum Mackenzie Dipman return to the villa

The fan-favorite islander originally appeared on the show’s second season.
Mackenzie Dipman from "Love Island USA".
Mackenzie Dipman from "Love Island USA".Peacock
/ Source: TODAY

The biggest bombshell is about to hit the “Love Island USA” villa.

Mackenzie Dipman, who first appeared on Season Two “Love Island USA” is returning to the villa to find love.

In Season Two, which aired in 2020, the 25-year-old entrepreneur was dumped from the island on Day 25 after Connor Trott — with whom she spent most of her time coupled up with — decided to move on. Dipman and Trott later reconciled, but they split in 2021, per People.

Now, Dipman is giving the show a second chance, showing up for Season Four, now streaming on Peacock.

Image: Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott in Las Vegas on 'Love Island'.
Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott in Las Vegas on 'Love Island' Season Two. Robert Voets / CBS via Getty Images

An exclusive clip from Wednesday night’s episode reveals Dipman will make her grand entrance while the girls are away for a “bonding session.”

Watch the exclusive clip from 'Love Island' below

As she struts into the villa in her red bikini, the returning islander says in a voiceover, “I’ve been told I am intimidating. Watch out ladies, I’m coming for your man!” 

While introducing herself, Dipman has to explain to the men that she was previously a Season Two cast member in Las Vegas, but the women instantly recognize her. 

Zetta Morrison tries to convince herself and the other girls that Dipman is  “just here to say hello,” but that’s clearly not the case. 

Based on her reaction, Deb Chubb seems to struggle the most with the shocking arrival. “I hate it here!” she shouts. 

Meanwhile, the teaser also shows Courtney Boerner worrying as Chad Robinson starts to develop feelings for Phoebe Siegel. Boerner decides to give Robinson an ultimatum and tensions rise. 

Dipman’s arrival comes just a few episodes after the Casa Amor twist rocked the villa and caused some couples to break up.

She is the first USA contestant to return to the reality dating series, but she isn’t the first person in the international franchise to do so. Last month, Adam Collard, the infamous bombshell from Season Four of “Love Island UK” decided to step foot in the villa again. Collard proved to his fellow islanders across the pond that he was a changed man.

Let’s see if Dipman’s second time around is just as successful.