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‘Love Island USA’ contestant Sereniti Springs talks Chazz’s ‘calculated’ side and her connections with Tyler and Jesse

The 28-year-old bartender from New Orleans spoke to TODAY about the “disheartening” recoupling that sent her home. 
Love Island - Season: 1
Sereniti Springs in Episode 116 of "Love Island USA"Casey Durkin / Peacock
/ Source: TODAY

Last week on Season Four of “Love Island USA,” viewers watched fan-favorite Serenti Springs get dumped from the island.

Springs left the villa after Chazz Bryant chose to recouple with new arrival Kat Gibson.

Love Island - Season:1
Pictured: (l-r) Chazz Bryant, Sereniti Springs and Katherine Gibson on Episode 115 of "Love Island USA"Casey Durkin / Peacock

Bryant’s decision shocked fans at home because his speech seemed to suggest he would pick Springs. However, Springs revealed in an interview with TODAY on Monday that she was not surprised, based on some of Bryant’s actions that weren’t shown on television.“There is a side of Chazz that I’ve seen while in the villa that wasn’t really seen out to the world,” she said. 

The 28-year-old bartender from New Orleans later told TODAY, “He would say little things that I would know (were) very like calculated.”

Below, Springs discusses the red flags she noticed in her relationship with Bryant early on. She also shares if she has spoken to Tyler Radziszewski since she left the villa, who else she had a spark with and which couples she predicts will struggle during Casa Amor. 

You’ve had a few days now where you’ve been out of the villa. Have you fully processed that you were on “Love Island USA.” 

I think I’m still gathering like reality right now even though I was on a reality TV show. But being back in actual reality is like something that I’m trying to adjust to. There’s a lot of people messaging me and a lot of things going on. But I think it’s starting to finally hit that I was on the show. I mean, this was a dream. I manifested this. I had a dream board years ago and it had me on the show. So, we’re feeling very blessed.

You were definitely a fan favorite. There’s been a lot of tweets discussing how disappointed fans were in Chazz’s recoupling speech before choosing Kat. Did you think that the speech was for you?

I did give Chazz three reasonings and rulings that I would like to keep for our relationship, especially moving into the recoupling… don’t embarrass me, be kind and don’t blindside me. Those are literally the three things I spoke about right before recoupling. So, to have him do that (was) very disheartening. But, there is a side of Chazz that I’ve seen while in the villa that wasn’t really seen out to the world. So, it wasn’t quite surprising. But, it always is hurtful to have someone do that when you asked and requested otherwise.

You did use the word "blindside." He didn’t give any indication before the recoupling that he had feelings for Kat and wanted to pursue her?

No, he made it very clear that he was interested in (me). He told me he would leave the villa, if I left. And I told him (to) watch what his words...and (I) kept explaining to him like, “If you want to show me and re-secure, you can always just say you like me. You don’t have to say like these absurd and very high level words.” Because leaving the villa with somebody is equivalent to saying “I love you” in the real world. So, I would tell him to (be careful) with those words and that’s what my references were: words hold value. Because he would say things like, “I would leave the villa. It’s just you. I’m never turning my head.” And all these things and I would tell him, “There’s bombshells coming in. This is ‘Love Island,’ baby.” Like, they don’t bring in just some average girls. They bring in top-tier. So, I let him know that I was open. And then he changed his views and said that he was willing to be open, which I agreed with. We both shouldn’t have been like that, but it was just really disheartening to know that …I mean, I’m glad I followed my gut and knew that his words weren’t following his actions.

You mentioned during your exit that you had seen Chazz’s calculated side. What did we not see that you were experiencing in the villa that made you think, “This is a red flag?”

I mean, on the second day that we were coupled up the first thing he asked me was, “If there’s a recoupling you’re choosing me right?” And it was very uncomfortable for me to have that question. I think he was also very premature because we hadn’t had time for us to get to know each other. I just lost Tyler yesterday. I was really, really, really bummed about not having Tyler in the villa because Tyler’s fine. He’s my superhero. And then I was just starting to see how he would do more public manners and I would do private manners with him. And then he would just always play this victim role with me. Then I would try to ask him like, “Can we have conversations?” He was just very into making sure we had a look for it. And I know we came on to the same show to find love–love and (for) some of us fame–but I really came here for love. So that wasn’t a priority for me to sit (there) and make this image that’s not true. I’m Sereniti year-round and 24/7 villa-round. So it was just hard to have this backside of him. He would say little things that I would know (were) very like calculated. And it was just very uncomfortable at times because I couldn’t go to my girls (during the time) when his sister (Bria Bryant) was there. So I didn’t have a safe space to go. I didn’t have my partner to go to and then to not be able to have my started feeling very isolating.

Love Island - Season: 1
LOVE ISLAND -- Episode 106 -- Pictured: Sereniti Scott -- (Photo by: Casey Durkin/Peacock)Casey Durkin / Peacock

You mentioned Tyler. You coupled up with Felipe (Gomes), Tyler and Chazz.

I was the recoupling queen. 

Would you say that Tyler was your strongest connection in the villa?

Yeah, Tyler was definitely. Like I said, ‘You could come swoop a b---- up.’ (laughs) Tyler was literally like such a hero to me. He came in and I don’t think at first I was interested in Tyler because I have a thing with people having long hair. I don’t like fighting over the blow dryer. So I did mention that but he wowed me in our conversations. Everybody was very much being like, “Oh, that’s Mady’s (McLanahan) type.” And so everybody was leaning toward Mady getting to know him. But I (liked) his smile. 

He was heaven sent. He was definitely something that brought spirits to me in the villa and so having him leave so quickly— it hurt my heart a lot. It was very hard to bounce back from that.

Have you spoken to him since you’ve left the villa?

I mean, I might’ve slid in the DMs a little bit. He did message me and we’ve exchanged numbers and we’re hoping to visit each other soon.

One of my favorite friendships that we got to see was your connection with Zeta (Morrison). Talk to me about that friendship. Who were some of the people that you really bonded with in the villa? 

There was a throuplet. It was Zeta, me and Courtney (Boerner). We were the cutest little trio called "The Powerpuff Girls." They tried to make me Bubbles but I was Buttercup. We were just such a good group. We had balance in that group. It was just us always being brutally honest with each other. Even if it was hurtful we just knew that we needed to be honest with each other. So those girls held me down in that villa. 

Zeta and I… I always get  emotional about Zeta just because she was my rider in the villa. She heard all my secrets. We shared so many different things. We talked about our parents. We talked about our families back home, our siblings. We’re very, very family oriented. All her siblings’ (names) start with Z’s (and) all my siblings in mine start with S’s. So, we just became so close beyond the villa. That’s a friendship for life for sure. And Courtney, oh baby she’s so fine! Courtney was such a great gem to our group as well. The three of us together were just invincible. I feel like they have a little sexual crush on each other. So I had to step back. I was like, “I have to sit right here. Let them do that thing.” We all love each other so deeply. And I know that on the outside, we’re just going to be invincible. 

Casa Amor is coming up in Monday’s episode. Which couples do you think are going to be super strong and which ones do you think might struggle through the experience? 

It gets kind of hard looking at some of that stuff just because I’m no longer in there and I feel a little bit of FOMO. Because I knew if I went into Casa Amor I would have had a lot more opportunities to find someone that was more of my fitting. So, it is kind of painful sometimes to watch the show, but I’m supporting my people. And I’m pushing through because I love every cast member in there. I mean, almost every cast member. There’s always a few little lingerers or whatever.

Zeta and Timmy (Pandolfi)–I’m interested in seeing that. I’m starting to see the bits Timmy did on his end. I was really very close to Timmy. Timmy got me through a lot in there. So I’m interested in seeing that. (I’m) starting to see Isaiah (Campbell) and Sydney (Paight) have a little bit...I don’t know what’s going on (there). That’s a toxic love relationship that we saw from day one. It’s that dangly earring, baby. And Deb (Chubb) and Jesse (Bray)– I don’t know. I don’t see it. Jesse and I had a really good connection. And I think that was very helpful for Deb that I was no longer there. I love Deb, but I think that was one of the things that made it hard for Jesse and I to talk because of my friendship with Deb. So, I’m wondering if Jesse’s going to be able to hold back if he were to go to Casa Amor. I’m more worried for Jesse if they go to Casa Amor because I don’t think Deb is happy in her relationship, unfortunately. 

So I think Deb is ready to find something that wows her. She’s a make-out queen and they don’t make out! That’s weird to me. So yeah, we’re going to see about that one. You already know how I feel about Kat and Chazz. They’re going to do their own thing. They’re not coming back to each other, whatsoever. As soon as Kat heard that Chazz and I were having a little bit of issues, she saw her (opportunity). Not mad at the girl. Get (on the island), do your thing (and) find your man. (She) probably will find a man in there better than I can. So ,I’m sending her all great vibes. We do gold and diamonds, like I told her. And then Jeff (Christian Jr.) and Nadjha (Day), I don’t know about that one. I think this is a perfect opportunity for them to find something new. Jeff — that’s my dog. I love Jeff. We call each other cousins. He loves women, so he’s going to be in heaven. 

Do you wish you had pursued Jesse. Is there anything that you would change about your experience on “Love Island USA”? 

My biggest regret in the villa was not coupling up with Jesse. I told him that. We had several conversations… there were bits that weren’t shown. But Jesse and I did speak a lot in the villa. We definitely made it very clear we were very interested in each other. I wanted him to come for me because it’s hard being in the villa and I’m chasing everybody. I’m not desperate. But this is the type of situation you’re in. You’re put in a villa with the most beautiful people in America and you’re saying, “Here. Freefall.” 

It was hard for me for a little bit. I feel like I was overlooked a lot in the villa. It’s not that I’m ugly. It’s not that I don’t have a personality. It’s just how the cards were dealt. I know that when we first did our coupling (host Sarah Hyland) asked why I didn’t step forward (for Jesse). And it’s just because he kept looking around. He was just so excited, like a puppy. He did tell me later that was one of the things that he did regret as well. But he said I don’t deserve to be second. And he’s right. Baby, I’m number one. So maybe I’ll be a number one on the outside.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.