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‘Love Is Blind’ star Trevor Sova unpacks his love triangle with Chelsea and Jimmy

The 31-year-old project manager, who fell in love during Season Six, was "blindsided" in the pods.

/ Source: TODAY

Warning: Spoilers from “Love Is Blind” Season Six below.

With a mullet and a booming voice, “Love Is Blind” Season Six star Trevor Sova knows how to make a first impression. 

On Season Six of the dating show — which premiered Feb. 14 — Trevor swiftly captures Chelsea Blackwell’s attention and affection. 

When Chelsea, 31-year-old flight attendant, opens up about being a divorcée after marrying her high school sweetheart at 18, Trevor responds with kindness. Chelsea later gifts Trevor a bracelet with an engraving that says, “My heart is and always will be yours.”

They seem to keep falling for each other. Trevor tells Chelsea he loves her. Rather than reciprocate his feelings verbally, she says she wishes she could see his reaction. When she returns to the women’s lounge, Chelsea starts sobbing. The flight attendant explains she was also involved with Jimmy Presnell, 28.

Based on her emotional response, Chelsea had developed stronger feelings for Jimmy and struggled to grapple with that realization after Trevor professed his love.

In a “Love Is Blind” first, fans watch Chelsea accept Jimmy’s proposal in Episode Five before she ends her relationship with Trevor. She shares her engagement news with Trevor, who questions if she would’ve made a different decision had she spoken to him first. 

Trevor Sova in "Love Is Blind."
Trevor Sova in "Love Is Blind." Courtesy Netflix

Trevor reflects on feeling “blindsided” during that shocking breakup in the pods while speaking to 

“I definitely felt blindsided,” he says. “So, on the last day, I didn’t know she had been proposed to when I went into the pods. I honestly went in there with the intention to propose to her that day.”

He says he only focused on his relationship with Chelsea and forgot that she could potentially fall for someone else. 

“I wasn’t even thinking that Jimmy might have proposed to her already. The second I walked in and I heard the tone of her voice I was like, ‘Oh my God she already got proposed to,’” the 31-year-old project manager explains. He says he instantly felt their dynamic had changed. 

Love is Blind Season 6
Jimmy, Chelsea and Trevor.Courtesy Netflix

Instead of dwelling on the situation after leaving the show, he decided to look at the positive ways the experiment changed him. 

“I was not expecting that, but I’m kind of glad it happened because I learned a lot from it,” he shares. “I learned how I handle heartbreak unexpectedly. I was proud of myself for the way I handled it.”

Although she left the pods with Jimmy, Chelsea and Trevor’s story wasn't completely over yet.

A clip at the end of Episode Six teases Chelsea and Trevor reuniting later in the season. That moment arrives in Episode 11 when he pulls her aside to chat about their relationship during the Season Six cast party.

Trevor tells Chelsea she was the first person he looked up when he left the pods and was given access to his phone. He shares that he "bawled" after she broke up with him.

Although he says he is "glad" she is with Jimmy, he also says he doesn't understand why she chose him.

Trevor again questions if Chelsea would’ve gotten engaged to him had he proposed first. When she says it would've always been Jimmy, Trevor interrupts and jokingly says, "Because you have to say that to be a good person?"

Trevor explains to his reasoning for asking Chelsea to explain her decision.

"That was first time I met (her). I think I was just confused and I didn't understand how good of a connection she had or didn't have with Jimmy, because I knew our connection was great," Trevor says.

He continues, "And I was just like surprised that somebody had a better connection with her at that point. So that's why I said that."

Trevor became an early fan-favorite this season, with some viewers tweeting that Chelsea made the wrong decision in the pods. "Justice for Trevor!!!!!" one fan wrote on X.

But following rumors about Trevor's intentions for going on the show, some social media users have been questioning his authenticity.

He'll likely have to clear up speculation about his dating history if he makes an appearance at the reunion on March 13.