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‘Love Is Blind’ cast member Marshall is related to a ‘Bachelor’ alum

Appearing on a reality TV show may just run in the family.
/ Source: TODAY

There's a "Love Is Blind" and "Bachelorette" crossover in the midst!

"Love Is Blind” Season Four contestant Marshall Glaze is the cousin of another reality TV dating show star: Justin Glaze from Season 17 of "The Bachelorette."

On March 30, Marshall posted a video to TikTok of the two on FaceTime confirming their relationship.

"Well, if it isn't America's favorite hopeless romantic," Justin, who was in the final two of the "Bachelorette" Season 17, says as he answers the phone.

"We're cousins," Marshall later says holding the phone side by side to his face. "Yeah, we're cousins."

As the conversation continues, Marshall asks Justin whether he's jealous of him for getting casted on "the better reality show."

"Have I ever been the jealous type?" Justin responds.

He goes onto say how Marshall deserves the best when it comes to love.

"He's been writing sonnets since the moment he's been out of the womb," Justin says. "We would all be playing sports, what was he doing? Writing poetry to his future wife."

Justin also commented on the TikTok, writing, "Release the poems from the '08 collection. Some of your finest work, you were just starting to come into your own."

One fan says they weren't shocked when Marshall confirmed the rumor.

"I KNEW Justin from Bachelor Nation and Marshall from Love Is Blind we’re cousins as soon as I saw that Marshall was from Baltimore," they wrote on Twitter.

Others commented on Marshall's video that they could see the resemblance.

"Y'all have the exact same smile," one person wrote.

The two often tease each other on social media. After Justin shared a photo of himself March 16 drinking a beer to promote a brewing company, Marshall commented with some self-promotion of his own.

"Send me a 12 pack for the WORLD WIDE PREMIERE OF LOVE IS BLIND SEASON 4 ON MARCH 24," he wrote.

"this guy," Justin responded, with laughing emoji. "I’d really hate to have to block you before your big day bucko."

In "Love Is Blind" Season Four, Marshall got engaged to Jackie Bonds. On the trip to Mexico, the two appeared to have fun until halfway through Episode Four. Jackie broke down in tears, later revealing that she was worried about her father's health. Marshall embraced and comforted her throughout the moment.

On Season 17 of "The Bachelorette," Katie Thurston ended up choosing Blake Moynes and decided to send Justin home.

After the season aired, Justin remained close with some of the other contestants, including Greg Grippo, Andrew Spencer, Mike Planeta and Tré Cooper.

Justin shared a snap of the friend group attending a Baltimore Ravens game together last October, captioning the photo, "Finally got a hometown date that was actually in my hometown."

Justin later went on to appear on "Bachelor In Paradise" Season Eight.