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‘Love Is Blind’ season 4 couples: Where to follow them on Instagram

Their accounts reveal more about their lives out of the pods.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season Four of "Love Is Blind."

Like the "Love Is Blind" seasons that came before, "Love Is Blind" Season Four is juicy, featuring love triangles, friendship strife ... and what seem to be genuine, wholesome connections.

In Season 4, 30 contestants from rainy Seattle enter the pods looking for love. From there, five new couples leave the pods ready to say "I do." Or, at least, mostly ready. But as the couples head off to Mexico and then the real world, some may be in for a rude awakening.

Keep reading to find out the names of the couples and how to follow them on Instagram for more updates about their post-pod lives.

Who are the 'Love Is Blind' couples in Season 4?

Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown

How to follow Tiffany and Brett on Instagram: @tcpenny and @the.brettbrown

For Tiffany and Brett, it's love at first ... everything. From the instant they speak, the two seem to find solace in each other. “You fully see who I am and accept me for me,” Brett tells Tiffany in the pods.

Tiffany is a 37-year-old client lead recruiter. She cares deeply about her friends and family and, according to her Instagram bio, considers herself to be a "lover of good vibes."

Brett is a 36-year-old design director at Nike with an impressive shoe collection. His Instagram is filled with photographs of his work.

Micah Lussier and Paul Peden

How to follow Micah and Paul on Instagram: @micah.lussier and @paulpeden

Micah isn't Paul's usual type — and he's upfront about that. In the pods, the 29-year-old environmental scientist, explains that he's usually gone for girls that are more like him. See: Down-to-earth and outdoorsy.

Regardless of their different lifestyles, the environmental scientist falls head over heels for 27-year-old marketing manager Micah, choosing her over his budding connection with flight attendant Amanda. The two leave the pods engaged.

Micah, like Paul, is a traveler. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her travels to Greece and Paris.

In the pods, the two bond over their love for Italy. Paul jokes that after they get married, they will travel to the country together.

Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze

How to follow Jackie and Marshall on Instagram: @jackelinabonds and @marshallglaze

Throughout "Love Is Blind," Jackie talks about how she normally goes for tough guys, like contestant Josh Demas. But Marshall Glaze — who openly cultivates his sensitive side and writes poetry — wins her over.

Jackie is a 27-year-old certified dental assistant. On her social media account, she documents her path getting her degree. "Back in clinic 🦷#dentalschool," she captioned a post from July 2020.

Marshall, who is a 27-year-old marketing manager, shares deep thoughts and short films on his Instagram.

Irina Solomonova and Zack Goytowski

How to follow Irina and Zack on Instagram: @irina_solo and @zackgoytowski

Irina, a 26-year-old business owner, and Zack, a 31-year-old lawyer, open up about their lives in the pods — but their bond gets bumpy in Mexico.

Regardless of what happened between them, on Instagram, Zack says he was "incredibly honored" to be in the cast: "I feel incredibly honored to have heard so many of their stories. Stories of men who faced seemingly insurmountable challenges such as poverty, illness, discrimination, and loss of loved ones, yet overcame them to become the successful men they are today."

Irina posts more about her business, an events planning company called the Solo Collective.

Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah

Instagram handles: @the.chelseagriffin and @ayokwam

Chelsea, a 31-year-old pediatric speech language pathologist, finds a match in Kwame Appiah, a 33-year-old former soccer pro-turned-tech worker. Both are high energy and positive.

In addition to her love of the color pink (she has a whole section of her Instagram devoted to it), Chelsea is also close to her family and loves her dog. “Girls with dreams, become women with a vision,” she captioned a photo of her in pink.

On his Instagram, Kwame — who moved to the U.S. from Ghana at 8 years old — looks back on his career as a soccer professional.

Other cast members this season

Bliss Poureetezadi

Instagram handle: @blisspoureetezadi

Bliss, a 33-year-old senior program manager, plays a major role this season even though she doesn't leave the pods engaged.

In the pods, Bliss falls for Zack. They bond over their similar childhood experiences and their shared love for Lee Ann Womack's song "I Hope You Dance." On his birthday, which falls while they are in the pods, she even bakes him cupcakes.

After Irina and Zack's relationship falls apart, Zack openly says he chose the wrong woman. Irina agrees.

Josh Demas

Instagram handle: @jdemas

Like Bliss, Josh, a 31-year-old project engineer, doesn't leave the pods with a fiancée, but he cultivates a relationship with Jackie.

"Need to find me a girl I can spoil," he wrote in an Instagram caption. "Just give her my debit card & let her buy whatever she wants. It’s gonna decline, but it’s the thought that counts."