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'Love Is Blind' season 2 couples: Where to follow them on Instagram

Six couples ended up making it out of the pods. Here, we list where you can follow them all on Instagram to see what they're really like off camera.
Aarón Ortega
Abhishek Chatterjee, Iyanna McNeely, Jarrette Jones, Deepti Vempati, Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee in season 2 of "Love Is Blind." AARÓN ORTEGA/NETFLIX / AARÓN ORTEGA/NETFLIX
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The first five episodes of "Love Is Blind" season 2 dropped Friday on Netflix, and we've already binged the whole thing.

Out of the pods, six couples made it out and of course, they magically all have verified Instagram accounts.

Here, we round up each couple with their respective Instagram accounts, with a little information on their love story so far and what we think about their social media feeds.

Right off the bat? Who knew Chicago had so much warm weather!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for the first five episodes of "Love Is Blind" season two.

Where to follow the 'Love Is Blind' season 2 couples on Instagram:

Danielle & Nick

This pair seemed to really connect in the pods, and were the first to get engaged. When they met in person for the first time, they seemed to be extremely mutually attracted to one another.

Tensions arose while on vacation in Mexico, a stomach bug prevented Danielle Ruhl, 29, from joining Nick Thompson, 36, and the other couples. This inspired a jealous tiff between the two that only spiraled from there.

Nick seems to be quite the friends-dude and dog dad from the numerous group shots of people paired with photos of his pup on his Instagram (@nthompson513).

Meanwhile, Danielle's Instagram (@dnellruhl) bio features the Michael Scott quote, "I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."

Deepti 'Deeps' & Abhishek ‘Shake'

Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee, 33, and Deepti "Deeps" Vempati, 31, at first struggled with his lack of quoth when it came to asking questions about physical appearance. However, after he opened up about his own struggles with his body image issues in the past, Deeps forgave his shallowness and the two ended up forging a strong bond.

Shake's Instagram (@thepuppydoc) shows off his love for animals as a vet, paired with those annoying photos of DJs wearing headphones posing behind a set of turntables. We get it. You like music.

Deepti's Instagram (@lifewithdeeps) is full of cute selfies, group shots with her besties and snaps of her exploring the outdoors.

love is blind instagram season 2
Deepti Vempati on Instagram.Instagram

Shaina & Kyle

Shaina Hurley, 32, is already giving us huge Jessica from "Love Is Blind" season one vibes out of the gate. Forming strong feelings for another person (Shayne) who ended up not reciprocating them, she did say yes to Kyle Abrams, a 29-year-old construction worker. But things out of the gate were shady when she on their first night together she refused to sleep in the same bed with him and ended up leaving their vacation in Mexico.

On Shaina's Instagram (@shaina.hurley), there's a feed full of the hairstylist's vacation snaps and selfies featuring those wide-brimmed hats often seen during a Sunday service at Hillsong.

Meanwhile, Kyle's Instagram (@kyleabrams10) wasn't all that active leading up to his announcement of being on the show. But before, he showed off his ripped physique, his nose ring and boats. Lots and lots of boats.

Iyanna & Jarrette

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones both shared some extremely personal traumas from their life in the pods, and this inspired a connection that seemed unbreakable at first. Regardless, Jarrette developed stronger feelings for Mallory, but after she declined the idea of his proposal, he went back to Iyanna who still accepted him despite having some valid reservations.

On her Instagram (@iyanna.amor), Iyanna, 27, seems to be a family girl with a lot of love for her relatives and her family of friends.

Jarrette, 32, lists that he is a sneaker dealer, podcast host, investor and barber in his Instagram bio (@thejjones_05).

Mallory & Salvador

Mallory Zapata, 32, definitely spiced things up in the pods, and this inspired not one but two guys to fall head over heals in love with her. After declining Jarrett's advances, she embraced Salvador Perez, a 31-year-old executive assistant, who serenaded her with sweet song.

Trouble in paradise arose when in Mexico, Mal seemed to be more interested in Jarrette once she laid her eyes on him, and this informed Sal to get emotional and caught in his head.

Mal's love for the beach is def on display on her Instagram (@malloryzapata), as well as her love for a cocktail or two.

The "musically inclined" Salvador (@salvadior08) has a sweet, short feed of snaps featuring lost of odes to his family. In one birthday post to his sister he writes, "Feeling incredibly grateful for the life that you are my sis. I admire you so much and feel so thankful for your light."

Natalie & Shayne

In the pods these two struggled, mostly because Shayne Jansen — a 32-year-old broker — never knew who he was talking and was saying the wrong thing, to the wrong girl, all the time. But Natalie Lee, 29, really put herself out there, and this safety made Shayne ultimately pick her over Shaina, who shadily tried to get in his good graces after saying "yes" to Kyle.

In Mexico, Natalie and Shayne seemed to have the best connection of any of the couples, but as the teaser for the next five episodes suggests that road gets a bit bumpier for them as they have to navigate life in the real world as a couple.

Natalie's Instagram (@natalieminalee) has the funny disclaimer at the top: "all bad jokes and awkward comments are mine."

According to his Instagram account (@shaynejansen) seems to have clocked quite a few of hours in the Crossfit gym.

The first five episodes of "Love Is Blind" season 2 are available now on Netflix, with five more episodes dropping Feb. 18 before the finale airs on Feb. 25. We can't wait to see what's next.