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'Love Is Blind’ creator on why 2 couples’ engagements were cut from show

There was a lot going on behind the scenes!

If you’ve watched “Love Is Blind” on Netflix, you’ll know that the show begins with 15 men and 15 women hoping to meet the love of their life, sight unseen, in the pods.

In season two, only six couples are shown getting engaged and jetting off to Cancun for the next phase of their romantic journey. 

However, it turns out that two more couples got engaged this season, but their stories were not portrayed on camera.

Who were the couples cut from ‘Love Is Blind’ season 2?

Caitlin McKee said “yes” to Joey Miller, and Kara Williams got engaged to Jason Beaumont.

Viewers may remember Kara Williams, 32, from the first episode, when she shared that men don’t see her as “wifey material” because of her looks.

Kara Williams
Kara WilliamsSer Baffo / Netflix

“They don’t give me that chance,” she said. “I feel like I have so much to give, but I can’t even get to that point.” 

In the end, though, she made a connection in the pods with flight attendant Jason Beaumont, 31. 

Jason Beaumont
Jason BeaumontSer Baffo / Netflix

Since leaving the show, neither of them has appeared to post on social media about being together, so if they are still an item, they are keeping it under wraps.

Joey Miller
Joey MillerSer Baffo / Netflix

Joey Miller and Caitlin McKee, meanwhile, have been much more open on social media about what became of their relationship after the cameras stopped rolling.

Caitlin McKee
Caitlin McKeeSer Baffo / Netflix

They were apparently together for several months before parting ways, according to a recent Instagram post from McKee, 31.

"What a whirlwind the last few days have been since @loveisblindnetflix season 2 has premiered! Watching the couples meet in the pods, fall in love and experience their first reveal transported me right back to that place. What you didn’t see is that I also found love in the pods and left the show with a fiancé,” she wrote.

“(Joey) and I had an amazing summer and fall with the opportunity to travel, meet each other’s families, and build a genuine relationship without the cameras and crew. Although we ultimately chose to go our separate ways recently, we are choosing to remain friends and he will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Miller, 31, also shared photos of him and McKee on Instagram and reflected on his experience on “Love Is Blind.”

"We vibed from first pod date, got WAY deep WAY fast, surprised each other with Drumsticks/tacos/Tequila/Bieber serenades, got engaged without ever seeing each other, and had an amazing summer and fall together without all the cameras,” he wrote in the caption. “Grateful to @loveisblindnetflix for introducing me to such a strong, caring, and compassionate woman. We are no longer together, but absolutely fell in love blindly."

He added that appearing on the show “was a much more meaningful experience than many who watch perceive it to be.” 

“100% focus dedicated to finding out who I am, what I need in a life partner, and what I can provide to a lifelong relationship,” he wrote. “All day, every day, 10 days. For a guy who spends most of his time striving at work or chasing travel experiences, learning how to connect in this way was ultimately one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Why were these couples cut from ‘Love Is Blind’ season 2?

“Love Is Blind” creator Chris Coelen explained why these two storylines were left on the cutting room floor. 

While there was nothing wrong with these two couples, “you only have so many crews and so much budget and so much time,” he said on Netflix’s Tudum blog. “It would be amazing to follow everybody, but you just have to decide what feels like a good group to follow.”

The first five episodes of “Love Is Blind” season two are available to stream now on Netflix. Episodes six through nine will be released on Feb. 18, and the season finale will drop on Feb. 25.