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'Love is Blind' facts: Behind-the-scenes secrets about Season 3

No, there aren't bathrooms in the pods — and other answers to questions you wondered about pod life.

The third season of “Love Is Blind” is here, with many a bright-eyed contestant eager to find true love without superficial obstacles like physical appearance.

This time, the series has cast 30 singles living in and around the Dallas area and placed them in now-famous pods to find out if love can indeed be blind. The couples that emerged are proof that perhaps the experiment can work, though no word on whether they're still together (and yes, we checked their Instagrams).

The latest season of the series preserves the format and all its unique logistics (and those gold glasses).

For those still unsure of the rules of the series shepherding its contestants toward love, find a few of the show's unique rules and behind-the-scenes quirks below. Read on to find out how "Love Is Blind" works.

The pods in 'Love Is Blind' were designed to appear as if they could take place anywhere.

Season Three of “Love is Blind” was filmed in Dallas. Still, in the first few episodes, as couples begin to know and warm to each other in the pods, the pods appear to be set in an unspecified location that could take place in any of the settings where the franchise has previously filmed, including Chicago, Brazil and Japan.

Love is Blind Season Three contestants in pods
Contestants on "Love Is Blind" connect in pods that prevent them from physically seeing each other.Netflix

According to the show’s creator, there’s a reason for that.

Speaking to Netflix’s official site Tudum, show creator Chris Coelen, the pods are meant to suspend more than surface-level connections.

“The pods could literally be in any country, in any city, in any place in the world,” he explained. “The pods aren’t about place. The pods are about an experience.”

Here's how long contestants have to talk in the pods

Can you find love in 10 days? Some people are dubious. Contestants who walk away from the pods with an accepted proposal often shock friends and family throughout the series because of their sudden decision.

“I have concerns as a mom,” Season Two contestant Natalie Lee’s mother expressed after learning her daughter had become engaged so quickly.

Still, Coelen told Tudum that while contestants only have 10 days to find love and get serious, the time adds up to nearly 20 dates.

According to Coelen, the intenseness and intimacy of the experience are not unlike “10 days of 24/7 intensive therapy.”

The pods are well-furnished and stocked with drinks

The pods were designed to be cozy, soundproof cocoons, where the rest of the world is shut out. This way, contestants can focus can be on the other (unseen) person, connected to the adjoining pod through speakers.

According to Coelen, the pods are about as small as they appear, with dimensions about 12 feet by 12 feet. The ceilings, however, are tall — about 40 feet high, with a ceiling made of glass.

Inside, contestants find couch, a rug, and that ethereal blue wall that somehow seems to have a heartbeat of its own (more on that later).

There's another important element aside from the furniture: The pods are fully stocked with alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks around the clock. (If you're curious, to go to the bathroom, the contestants have to leave.)

Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed i
Matt Bolton (L) and Colleen Reed (R) connect in Season 3 of "Love Is Blind."Netflix

Is there a reason behind those gold goblets? Sort of.

A staple of the show, right up there with the pods, are those gold goblets. In nearly every scene, it appears the cast members are drinking from opaque gold glasses.

In an interview with Variety, Coelen shared there was no rhyme or reason behind the decision to use the gold glasses in Season One, but then the design feature persisted.

“I don’t know. It’s something I like," Coelen explained. "When you turn on the show, you know it’s our show. It’s a very authentic, really true following of these people’s journeys, but I like the fact that we have this sort of connective tissue with that in a really light way, it’s fun.”

The walls in the pods are meant to be otherworldly

Instead of being able to see each other, contestants stare at the glowing blue wall between the pods.

Opaque in design, the wall prevents the contestants from making out even the slightest shadow of the person on the other side. Still, the show’s designers add a shimmer to the barrier to give the wall a “living, breathing presence," per Tudum.

There are 20 pods in 'Love Is Blind'

The series has 20 pods: 10 for women and 10 for men.

The women of Season 3 of "Love Is Blind" (L to R): Kimberlee Clarke, Colleen Reed, Kalekia Adams, Ashley Randermann, Chelsey Jordan, Alexa Alfia, Jessica Gumbert, Nancy Rodriguez, Brannigan Maxwell, Valerie Truong, Zanab Jaffrey, Amanda Langston, Raven Ross, Charita Scott, Loren Langenbeck.
The women of Season 3 of "Love Is Blind" (L to R): Kimberlee Clarke, Colleen Reed, Kalekia Adams, Ashley Randermann, Chelsey Jordan, Alexa Alfia, Jessica Gumbert, Nancy Rodriguez, Brannigan Maxwell, Valerie Truong, Zanab Jaffrey, Amanda Langston, Raven Ross, Charita Scott, Loren Langenbeck.SER BAFFO/NETFLIX

The 'Love Is Blind' contestants don't live near the pods

Season One of the series put the contestants in trailers with cots close to the lounges so that they could sleep nearby. However, according to Tudum, contestants were housed in hotels starting in Season Two.

To prevent contestants from spotting potential love interests while traveling, producers escort contestants from the pods to their rooms and back.

When it comes to engagements, the cast members have options

Season Two of the series saw contestant Kyle Abrams propose to Shaina Hurley with his mother’s ring.

In an interview with Variety, Coelen explained that contestants have wiggle room regarding what they decide to offer for a proposal. They can bring a ring they selected on their own or offer one provided by the show.

“We provide — up to a certain level — a ring for them to do that with. If they choose to do that, we actually give choices,” Coelen explained, noting that contestants have their choice of up 12 different styles and colors.

There’s a time limit on dates during the early stages of the pods.

During the early shooting phase, contestants are given a strict timeline to make connections. The first day starts with a round of speed dating, which limits contestants to 15-minute-long one-on-one interactions. However, contestants can take the reins over how long a date stretches as the days go on, and can talk as much as they like (or not).