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Lily Collins reveals why filming ‘Emily in Paris’ sent her to a doctor every week

The actor had to wear some intense heels on set and her feet weren't exactly thrilled.
Lily Collins' character Emily has a passion for fashion, but the shoes she wore on set weren't always comfortable.
Lily Collins' character Emily has a passion for fashion, but the shoes she wore on set weren't always comfortable.Stephanie Branchu / Netflix

Lily Collins loves dressing up as "Emily in Paris" just as much as we love ogling the character's style, but there's one part of Emily's wardrobe that she's not a huge fan of.

While chatting with Jimmy Fallon about her new Netflix film "Windfall," the actor acknowledged that wearing her stylish character's sky-high heels can be challenging while shooting the show on the cobblestone streets of Paris.

Collins’ fans have suggested that the hit Netflix series should take Emily to different cities for the next few seasons, and that sounds great to the 33-year-old. With one adjustment, though.

“I mean honestly, I would go all over the world with it if I could. But the one thing is like I just want to go to streets where you can wear flats,” she said. "Because wearing heels, I mean, you wouldn't think how painful that can be in Paris." 

Collins told Fallon that she ended up visiting a podiatrist every week to "fix my feet" because she was wearing heels all the time.

"Cuz it's cobblestone everywhere," the talk show host acknowledged.

"Everywhere. And I had to have like insoles made for every pair of shoes," she said. "I'm not kidding. I felt pretty ancient."

At this point, Fallon playfully suggested that the show's writers should do a season where Emily "just has to wear sneakers," and Collins loved the idea.

"Yeah, Emily in flats!" she said. "Like, why not?

Lily Collins
Collins' character loves to rock heels all over the streets of Paris.Carole Bethuel / Netflix

During the interview, Fallon also asked the actor what she thought of Peyton Manning’s recent “Emily in Paris” skit on “Saturday Night Live."

"That was crazy. That was so absurd. My phone has never blown up more. It was so cool," she said.

Collins was curious to know, though: Is the former football star really a fan of the show?

"I think he is now. Now he's part of the world," Fallon replied. "Now he has to make a cameo."

"By the way, I'm like, how can we make that happen. Peyton, if you're watching...." Collins said.

"Yeah, let's take care of this," Fallon agreed.