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See ‘Law & Order’ star Hugh Dancy’s priceless reaction to old clip of wife Claire Danes

Danes appeared as a teen murderer in a 1992 episode of "Law & Order."

Hugh Dancy knows how he would've voted as a juror when it came to the accused teen murderer played by his wife on an old episode of "Law & Order."

Dancy had the perfect reaction when he saw a clip on TODAY Thursday of Claire Danes portraying the murderous Tracy Brandt on a 1992 episode of the longtime NBC hit.

"She’s guilty as sin, clearly," Dancy joked.

The British actor, who is part of the cast of "Law & Order," had heard that Danes had once been on the show, but it appeared he hadn't seen it until Thursday.

"Oh, my good Lord," he said while looking at a young Danes in the episode called "Skin Deep" from Season Three.

That episode marked Danes' television debut, two years before the "Homeland" star had her breakout role as Angela Chase on "My So-Called Life."

Hugh Dancy reacts to seeing the 1992 "Law & Order" episode featuring his wife, Claire Danes, calling her character "guilty as sin."
Hugh Dancy reacts to seeing the 1992 "Law & Order" episode featuring his wife, Claire Danes, calling her character "guilty as sin."TODAY

Now her husband is part of a cast that is combining forces with the casts of "Law & Order: SVU" and "Law & Order: Organized Crime" for a historic, three-hour crossover event starting at 8 p.m. EST Sept. 22 on NBC. It also can be streamed on Peacock.

He spoke on TODAY alongside co-star Sam Waterston about the enduring popularity of the "Law & Order" franchise, where he plays ADA Nolan Price and Waterston reprises his famous role as District Attorney Jack McCoy.

"There’s something about that formula and about that machine that just keeps working," Dancy said.

Claire Danes (L) and British actor Hugh Dancy
Danes and Dancy have been married since 2009 and have two sons together.AFP via Getty Images

Just like Danes, Dancy, 47, is also remembered for some of his enduring work, particularly the 2004 fantasy comedy "Ella Enchanted."

"It’s lovely. If you make anything for kids, you have a beautiful few years where kids come up to you and they can’t believe that they’re seeing you in person, and it’s delightful," he said. "And then, 10 years later they’ve all grown up, and it becomes a little depressing."