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Kourtney Kardashian asks her mom if she goes to therapy. The convo is awkward

“God bless Kourtney because she’s definitely trying to have this therapy talk and God bless my mom because she’s definitely not,” Khloé Kardashian said in the show.

Kourtney Kardashian wants to know if her mom, Kris Jenner, has ever been to therapy. Her mom seemingly wants to avoid the conversation.

So goes a tense, but funny, interaction in the Season Four finale of 'The Kardashians." In the scene, Kourtney tells her mom Kris and sister Khloé about how therapy has changed her life. When she tried to bring up her mom going, Kris deflected.

"God bless Kourtney because she's definitely trying to have this therapy talk and God bless my mom because she's definitely not," Khloé Kardashian said.

The whole conversation started when Kourtney asked her mom how she became such a "controlling" person over the years.

"What about you, like, makes you have this need to be so controlling?" Kourtney asked Kris. "...You weren't like that when you were in your 20s, but also you had a husband to lead the way."

"Are you ever curious about yourself of why you're so controlling?" she added.

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Kourtney Kardashian tries to talk to her mom about therapy in Season Four, Episode Ten of "The Kardashians."Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

When Kourtney straight up asked her mom if she goes to therapy, Kris then talked about a "cute little dimple" that she saw on Kourtney's face and a wooden egg holder that she noticed in the kitchen.

At that point, Kourtney steered the conversation to generational trauma and said she thinks everything started from her grandmother, Mary Jo Campbell, who is Kris' mom.

"You think choosing bad partners is a genetic thing?" Khloé asked.

"I think it's generational. I think it's from MJ," Kourtney replied, referring to their grandmother. "...She was married three times."

The Poosh founder then talked about her time in therapy and how she learned she was in a "toxic relationship."

However, Kris had a hard time listening to her daughter because she couldn't stop staring at Kourtney's eyebrows.

"This little eyebrow is higher than that one," Kris said while laughing.

"Anyways, therapy is not for everyone," Kourtney Kardashian said.

Although Kourtney left the conversation feeling like her mom didn't listen to an ounce of what she said, she said she soon realized she was wrong when Kris later sent her a video of someone saying there's always one person in the family who'll put an end to the generational trauma.

"I was like, OK, you were listening," she said in her confessional with a smile.