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TODAY exclusive: 'Sister Wives' clip shows fight between Kody and Christine Brown

The former couple's relationship drama comes to a head in a new clip from the Season 17 premiere.
During the argument, Kody and Christine air their grievances.
During the argument, Kody and Christine air their grievances.YouTube

Kody and Christine Brown's marital woes are on full display in an explosive new clip from the Season 17 premiere of "Sister Wives."

The latest season of the hit TLC reality show, which premieres on Sunday, Sept. 11, chronicles the dissolution of the former couple's relationship.

After 25 years in a plural marriage with Kody, Christine announced her plans to leave her marriage in Nov. 2021 on Instagram. The next season of "Sister Wives" will go into the aftermath of her announcement.

An exclusive clip given to TODAY shows the exes in the midst of a heated argument about their relationship.

The clip begins with Kody defending himself and claiming that he has worked hard to make their marriage work.

“Christine, I have struggled to keep this family healthy for so long at major, major sacrifice for myself,” he says.

Christine entered a plural marriage with Kody in 1994 and became his third wife. They went on to have six children together. In 2014, Kody's fourth wife, Robyn, joined the family. While he’s currently legally married to Robyn, Kody considers himself spiritually married to his wives, per People.

The official trailer for Season 17 previously showed Christine venting that Robyn was “more important” to Kody.

During their argument, Christine claims that Kody doesn't trust her. He confirms her suspicions.

"That's true, I don't trust you," he says and points his finger at Christine, which understandably bothers her. “Stop pointing the blame at me. You and I have intimacy and love in the relationship."

Christine then corrects Kody and says they "had" intimacy at one point but no longer do.

“I’m sorry it’s conditional based upon being part of a plural family," Kody acknowledges.

The mother of six has her own perspective on the events that led to their marital issues, which the Season 16 finale went into. Kody proposed a “romance-free” marriage, and Christine, in response, kicked him out of her bedroom.

“The intimate part of our marriage is over. And to be honest, I’m not okay with that. I’m not okay with staying in a marriage where there’s no intimacy. That’s not a real marriage. I’m not interested in a half marriage or a partial marriage or whatever we have,” Christine said in the Season 16 “Sister Wives” finale.

Now, in this Season 17 clip, Christine returns to the topic of intimacy, and how their current arrangement isn't satisfying to her.

“A couple times a year doesn’t work for a marriage,” she says.

Kody sighs and takes a long pause then replies, “You say(ing) a couple times a year feels like an accusation.”

Christine maintains her composure and tells Kody that he's "not interested in an intimate marriage" with her despite her best efforts and that has soured her view of their relationship.

"Even if you said at this point we could have intimacy again, I wouldn't believe it for a second," she says.

Kody fires back and implies that Christine isn't cut out for his lifestyle.

"Even if you said you liked plural marriage and would be devoted to it, I wouldn't believe that for a second," he says. "Christine, that's our deal, our deal was plural marriage."

Still, the marriage arrangement has noticeably changed over the years, in Christine's opinion.

"In plural marriage when it was really good for both of us and I was secure and I had an important place and I was important to you, then plural marriage was awesome," she says. "Then I felt displaced and I felt hopeless. Yes, I got jealous for the first time ever.”

In response, Kody claims that Christine's jealousy was a problem for 10 years.

Christine reflects on the fight in a follow-up solo interview and calls her ex an "a--hole."

"To think that my value as a human being is contingent upon how you feel I'm treating other people and you don't find me attractive, I think you’re looking for excuses," she says.

"I think he has a favorite wife and that's why all of this is like it is and apparently I'm not treating her well enough. So there's nothing I can do. I mean honestly, what he's asking from me is ridiculous."