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Are Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee from 'Bling Empire' still together? They told us

Lee told TODAY she's at peace with what happened. "I had to do what’s best for me," she said.
Kevin Kreider in Season Two of "Bling Empire." 
Kevin Kreider in Season Two of "Bling Empire." Netflix

This post contains spoilers for Season Two of "Bling Empire."

On the second season of "Bling Empire," cast members Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee explore a romantic relationship. The two first bonded in the first season, when Kreider accompanied Lee on a road trip to track down her biological father.

Come Season Two, out May 13, their connection deepens — but so does tension, as their relationship settles into an on-again, off-again pattern.

One episode, Lee is standing Kreider up on a date. The next, they're having heart-to-hearts around a campfire around a weekend trip and visiting an ostrich farm. The next, they're torn apart by rumors.

Speaking to TODAY ahead of the season's release, Kreider and Lee give an update about their relationship — including whether they are still together.

Here's what we know.

So, are Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider still dating?

In short? They're not. In fact, they're miles away. "I'm in New York now, and Kim's in Los Angeles," Kreider said.

Kreider said he and Lee are "still close" and were in touch after filming. "We tried to check up on each other to see how we're doing emotionally and mentally," Kreider said.

There are still raw feelings over that lie detector test

At one point in their courtship, Lee forced Kreider to take a lie detector test. The intention was to mitigate Lee's trust issues, but Kreider felt uncomfortable with the process. Anna Shay was equally skeptical: "Why do you have to take a test for some girl?"

The lie detector test reveals uncomfortable truths. Kreider's statements about having feelings for Lee and not seeing anyone else are deemed to be true. Lee, when asked whether she wants to have feelings for Kreider, says no — and she was telling the truth. She also said she didn't have feelings for her ex-boyfriend, and that was said to be a lie.

A fight ensues. "I don't seeing myself with you because I can't trust you," Lee said. Kreider is visibly frustrated, "You know how much this hurts? I've been nothing but trustworthy to you."

Explaining her reasoning, Lee told TODAY “trust (was) a huge problem for them, and it wasn’t getting anywhere.” However, she admitted, the test “backfired.”

Lee stands by her controversial method for extracting the truth. "I encourage everyone to buy a lie detector test and have it at home. Then you don't have to do the hard work of investigating yourself," Lee told TODAY, somewhat jokingly. "Why do the hard work when you have a machine at home?"

"The problem is, even if you pass a lie detector test, the girl may not believe you still," Kreider responded.

Kreider jokingly added that the lie detector test was not as scary as being in a car driven by Anna Shay. “At least I won’t die taking a lie detector test,” he said.

Lee is 'at peace' with what happened

But Lee said she's "at peace" with what happened with Kreider, or what didn't happen. “In the end, it was going with your gut feelings. I had to do what’s best for me instead of doing what the outside world said," she said.

Kredier said that after Season Two wrapped, he had to retreat. "All of us needed space and distance. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry ... and I think the audience will feel the same," Kreider said.

Kim Lee in Season One of "Bling Empire."
Kim Lee in Season One of "Bling Empire."Netflix

Kane Lim addresses his involvement: 'I hope I wasn't stirring the pot'

Kane Lim told TODAY he was "caught in the middle" of Kreider and Lee's relationship.

Lim, at one point, told Lee that Kreider had been intimate with a woman from a yoga class after his trip with Lee. Kreider denied this timeline, and said he saw her a "month before." Kreider and Lee ultimately found agreement — but until quite a bit of drama transpired.

"I'm friends with both of them. If Kevin [Kreider] wants to date other people, he can go date other people. But I'm stuck in the middle and it was tough. I hope I wasn't stirring the pot," Lim said.