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Kenya Moore says Marlo Hampton’s behavior on 'RHOA' 'declasses the show'

"She thinks she’s making good TV. It’s just making her look like the devil she is,” the longtime “Real Housewives of Atlanta" star told TODAY of the show's new addition.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 14
Kenya Moore in "RHOA."Marcus Ingram / Bravo

For Kenya Moore, being “booked and busy, baby” is second nature.

Moore, who first came to prominence as Miss USA 1993, is an actor, entrepreneur and mother. She has been on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" since 2013, making her mark with quotable sayings like "'Gone with the Wind' Fabulous."

Season 14 of "RHOA," which premiered in May, stars Kandi Burruss, Marlo Hampton, Moore, Drew Sidora, Sanya Richards-Ross, and Shereé Whitfield, and airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. on Bravo with episodes available the next day on Peacock.

The departure of longtime cast members Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey left room for more drama, and these ladies are overserving.

TODAY sat down with Moore to hear about what’s transpired so far this season, all that she has going on and what’s to come.

Moore 'loves' new 'RHOA' cast member Sanya Richards-Ross

Season 14 welcomed newcomer Richards-Ross, a four-time Olympic gold medalist and friend of Sidora.

Moore said she “loves” Richards-Ross, and that she “fits in really well.” Moore said she finds Richards-Ross similar to former co-star Bailey, as she’s a “peacemaker” and “not very problematic.”

When speaking to TODAY, Sidora called Richards-Ross a "flip-flopper." Moore agreed, saying Richards-Ross “kind of fills those shoes.”

“I can see where people would say that because I just don’t think she likes to make waves. She wants to be friends with everyone. So sometimes she may take a stance and that may change depending on how someone reacts," she said.

She thinks Drew Sidora's marriage is 'toxic' and 'not beneficial'

A stance Moore’s been vocal about? Her thoughts on Sidora and husband Ralph Pittman’s relationship.

For Moore, it's clear why fans and cast mates (herself included) react so viscerally to the relationship. “It looks like a very toxic relationship that is not beneficial to Drew," she said.

Moore sees similarities between Sidora's marriage and her own to Marc Daly. Moore filed for divorce in 2021, but the divorce still isn't finalized, per People.

Drew Sidora.
Drew Sidora.Stephanie Eley / Bravo

"I see so many similarities between my husband and Ralph. It’s really scary for me to watch it before my eyes because I feel like I’m Drew in that moment a lot of times.”

Moore sticks up for Sidora to Pittman in Season 14. Moore said she imagined, in that moment, “how (Pittman) speaks to (Sidora) without cameras being there.” 

Watching this season back has been a full-circle, emotional moment for Moore. “I felt like that’s the woman I should have been when I spoke up. That’s the woman I should have been in my marriage and I wasn’t," she said.

Sidora told Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" that she was "grateful" for Moore. “I felt like, I’m not crazy. Another woman shares my sentiments. We haven’t even talked.” 

On a recent episode, Moore also weighed in on Sidora's new weight-loss program, Sidora’s Drop It with Drew. She said it was “giving Ponzi scheme” as the website’s sign-up portal didn’t work — a problem that’s now fixed, according to Sidora

Moore said, “I was just being shady, I was not being serious! It’s not meant to destroy someone or to completely tear them down. It’s meant to be funny shade.”

Moore addresses Whitfield and Hampton’s comments about her

On the last episode of RHOA, a scene showed Whitfield and Hampton talking about Burruss, Richards-Ross and Moore. Hampton says Moore “went through every rapper in America and didn’t get a ring.” 

Moore viewed Hampton’s remarks as “unprovoked."

"It’s gutter behavior, which declasses the show. A lot of the antics she uses ... she thinks she’s making good TV, it’s just making her look like the devil she is," she said. 

Moore suggested that Hampton’s actions may stem from her wanting to keep her role in the cast. Season 14 is Hampton’s first season as a full-time "peach," but she has appeared on the show since Season 4.

Moore explained, “She’s waited a hundred years for (a full-time role), and now she feels like I have to do all these things to keep this position. It’s just an exclusive club that had never let her in before, and now that we let her in, it’s like, did we do the right thing? Is the neighborhood ruined? It kinda feels like it’s heading that way.”

Moore feels that resolution with Hampton is not possible, saying that the situation feels “too far gone."

She does have a message for Hampton: "Deal with your own reputation. Stop trying to put things on Kandi or myself.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 14
Pictured: Marlo Hampton, Kandi Burruss, Drew Sidora on "RHOA."Darnel Williams / Bravo

Moore had a conversation with Whitfield after Episode 6

While Hampton spoke about Burruss and Moore, Whitfield seemingly co-signed Hampton’s statements. She said "yeah" and nodded her head as Hampton spoke. Moore said, “When (Hampton and Whitfield) get together, they’re just real true mean girls.”

After watching the scene, Moore said she called Whitfield to express her discontent. Whitfield told her that she didn’t remember supporting Hampton’s remarks.

Moore said she told Whitfield, “'This is not who you are. Don’t be that mean girl. Don’t be her.'”

For Moore, seeing Whitfield support Hampton’s remarks about her was hurtful, as she said she’s supported Whitfield on and off camera, especially with Whitfield’s business ventures. Moore explained, “I didn’t want her to look foolish on TV."

She explains her 'Gone With the Wind Fabulous' comment

Moore has had many laugh-out-loud moments over the years. If she had to relive any for fun, she’d re-live her “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” moment from Season 5. 

While sparring with former co-star Porsha Williams, Moore said, “I’ve been in this business for twenty years, and I’m still here. I’m still here, and I’m still fabulous. Right? Fabulous, 'Gone with the Wind' Fabulous.”

For Moore, this was more than a comeback to Williams, who had used Moore's age as an insult. Moore felt she was “educating” Williams on how she opened doors for her as a Black woman.

"You’re part of history. Do you not understand that? Like I opened the door for you, the same way Hattie McDaniel opened the door for other Black actresses to win Academy Awards. That’s really where it came from. I just started thinking, ‘You’re such a fool,'" Moore said.

Still, she's open to Williams returning to the show

Porsha Williams left the show in 2021 after eight seasons as a wife and one as a friend. Moore said she hasn’t seen or talked to Williams. "But I don’t have any ill feelings for her," she added.

She's open to Williams returning to the show. "I think I want what the fans want. If they want her [Williams] back, then I am supportive of that," she said.

Moore loves sharing her daughter with the world

Moore’s three-year-old daughter, Brooklyn Daly, has grown up in front of the cameras.

Moore said filming with Brooklyn is special. “She is so articulate and funny and personable and kind like it’s all the best things that a mother could ask for, and to share that with the world, it just makes me proud,” Moore said.

Outside of being a mother, Moore said she has a lot going on, including expansion of Kenya Moore Hair Care and another show on the way.

Moore answers rapid-fire questions about Season 14 & the Bravo-verse

Below, Moore answers questions about "RHOA" and beyond.

  • The "RHOA" cast member who causes the most drama: Hampton
  • The “RHOA” cast member gives the most juicy storyline: Whitfield
  • On if she wrote the shady note about Kandi Burruss “sucking d--- in the locker room”, as Hampton suggested on WWHL: "That’s 100% false. Why? I love Kandi to death. There was also derogatory things written about me in those notes. I just didn’t read it!”
  • The “RHOA” cast member who to have a juicy storyline: Sidora
  • The “RHOA” cast member who has the best confessionals: Herself
  • The “RHOA” cast member who surprised her the most: Whitfield
  • The “RHOA” cast member who has the best looks: Herself
  • The “RHOA” cast member who challenges her the most: Richards-Ross. Moore said, “You’ll see I get some stuff coming up. It’s like wait, what, you’re coming for me? Are you sure you want to do that?”
  • The “RHOA” cast member who throws the best events: Herself
  • The “RHOA” cast member she has the most fun with: Burruss and Whitfield 
  • Who else she’s friends with in the Bravo-verse: Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Erika Girardi, Kyle Richards and Lisa Hochstein
  • Who she’d most want to bring on the show: Laverne Cox. Moore explained, “I think she would be a freaking awesome housewife. She’s intelligent, she can read, she’s gorgeous, she’s sophisticated. She’s everything that I would want a housewife to be.”
  • On what’s to come the rest of season 14: "The second half of the season is probably better than the first half, the trips coming up, the fights coming up … pretty epic.”