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Butt of the joke: Katy Perry splits her pants on ‘American Idol’

Singing "Teenage Dream" could've turned into a nightmare, but Perry had a good sense of humor about the incident.
Nothing a little tape can't fix!
Nothing a little tape can't fix!YouTube
/ Source: TODAY

Katy Perry turned one of her hit songs into one of her split songs.

During Monday’s Hollywood Week episode of “American Idol,” the pop star led the contestants and fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie in a singalong to her smash hit “Teenage Dream” when her pants ripped, exposing her keester.

The soulful rendition was going along as smoothly as a baby’s bottom when Perry gave everyone a peek at her bottom because, in a moment that couldn’t have been timed more perfectly, you could hear her red, leather pants split exactly as she sang, “Put your hands on me in my skintight jeans.”

Bryan and the contestants all enjoyed a chuckle at the wardrobe malfunction.

“The concert is officially over,” Richie said.

Perry’s cheeks — no, not those cheeks — didn’t turn red, as she rolled with the punches.

“Can I get some tape, some gaffer tape?” she asked before a few crew members and Bryan began patching up her posterior with yellow tape as Richie’s “Stuck on You” played.

The “Roar” singer had everyone on hand roaring in laughter and may have kept her cool so much because she has been down this road before while on “American Idol.”

In 2018, she split her pants while wearing a silver jumpsuit.

"Oh, I just split my pants!" she said, sending the audience into a frenzy when she turned around to show her backside.

She called for tape and laughed off the incident, proving that when tush comes to shove, she's a consummate professional.