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Katie Couric, Bryant Gumbel and Elizabeth Vargas discover what the internet is in hilarious 1994 clip

See the former TODAY anchors ponder the “massive computer network” they were hearing so much about back in the day.

It may be hard to remember it now — or imagine it, if you weren’t around — but there was a time when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy. And even the TODAY anchors were complete n00bs when it came to the topic. 

An amusing flashback clip from 1994 offers a glimpse into those days, as former anchors Katie Couric, Bryant Gumbel and Elizabeth Vargas struggled to understand, “What is internet, anyway?” 

Gumbel was the one to first pose the question, after he and his co-hosts debated some of the basics, like whether “@” meant “at” or “about," or maybe "around.” Couric then asked an off-screen producer, “Can you explain what internet is?”

The best answer they got was simply that the “internet is that massive computer network that’s really becoming big now.”

"What? Do you write to it, like mail?" Gumbel asked in a follow-up question.

Whatever one was expected to do with it, Couric was sure of one thing: She wanted no part of it.

"I’m afraid that if I subscribed to something like internet, I’d get hooked and never spend time with my family," she said in another clip from the era.

In another throwback video, she added, "I feel like I’m so inundated with information all the time that I don’t want more.”

Gumbel was more concerned with how others might use their own internet access, for instance, by trying to contact him.

"I would resent that, at least when you’re home, if the phone rings, you have the option of not answering it, but on the internet, people can send you messages all the time," he said, looking worried. 

When TODAY shared the throwback fun on Instagram Jan. 27, commenters delighted at the peek into the past — even one who took part in it.

"Good Lord, I’m clairvoyant," wrote Couric. "Who knew?"

Others backed her up, with one writing, "Katie was correct though. Bombarded with information constantly and ppl spend less time with their families."

Some, however, just reeled at how much times have changed when it comes to our relationship with the technology.

"This is mind blowing to think about," one Instagram user replied. "I was a young teen then so I do remember not having internet but it has become so much a part of our lives, I can’t even comprehend adulthood without it."