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Joe Alwyn says he is 'obviously happy' with Taylor Swift

The actor, who is in a long-term relationship with Taylor Swift, stars in a Hulu series about an extramarital affair. 

Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, made a rare comment about his relationship with the pop star during a media event for his new Hulu series.

The 30-year-old actor, who has been dating Swift since around 2016, stars in the upcoming drama “Conversations With Friends,” based on a novel of the same name by “Normal People” author Sally Rooney. The series tells the story of a couple in an open relationship.

At a media event for the show on Tuesday, the actor was asked if he ever discussed an open relationship with the “All Too Well” singer, Deadline reported.

“I think people can do what they want and makes them happy. I’m obviously happy in a monogamous relationship,” he replied.

“But I think one of the interesting things about Sally’s writings and what she explores is happiness, love, desire, and intimacy outside of those constructs that we create for ourselves, whether that’s friendships or families or relationships," he said, according to Deadline.

Joe Alwyn
Joe Alwyn at an event in February 2020 in Hollywood, California.Mike Coppola / FilmMagic

In the 12-episode series, which will be available to stream in May, a college student named Frances (Alison Oliver) and her ex-girlfriend Bobbi (Sasha Lane) meet  married couple Melissa and Nick, played by Jemima Kirke and Alwyn. 

Frances and Nick begin an affair while Melissa and Bobbi also flirt with each other. “Conversations with Friends” is set to air on BBC Three in the U.K. as well. 

Alwyn’s answer marks one of the few times he has publicly spoken about Swift throughout the years they have been dating. 

Swift and Alwyn, who worked together on her recent albums “Folklore” and “Evermore,”  are very private about their relationship. In Feb. 2021, the songwriter opened up to Vanity Fair about Alwyn helping her find her political voice.

“As a country musician, I was always told it’s better to stay out of (politics),” Swift said at the time. “The Trump presidency forced me to lean in and educate myself. I found myself talking about government and the presidency and policy with my boyfriend, who supported me in speaking out.”