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Jodie Sweetin talks losing Bob Saget, recent engagement and turning 40

"It’s this reminder that life isn’t waiting for you to finish processing before it moves on to the next thing. And that’s OK."

Jodie Sweetin is opening up about the special bond she shared with her TV dad Bob Saget.

In a virtual interview with NBC's Joe Fryer, the 40-year-old "Full House" alum revealed that she's still processing Saget's death while also taking stock of the joyous life lessons the late comedian taught her.

"The first couple weeks were really hard. It was such a shock. As you can see in my office, I have reminders of him everywhere," Sweetin said while motioning to the framed "Full House" and "Fuller House" cast photos that line her office walls.

"Every day he's just a part of my life," she added.

Getting together with her former co-stars as well as members of Saget's family, including his wife, Kelly Rizzo, and his three daughters, soothed Sweetin during the toughest days of grief.

"There was a lot of laughter. There was a lot of ridiculous storytelling. And there was a lot of talking about Bob, which is all that he really ever really wanted, which was for everyone to be talking about him," she recalled, laughing.

"He knew he was loved but I don't think he had any idea that he was this beloved by so many people," she added.

Sweetin was just 5 years old when she landed the role of Danny Tanner's middle daughter, Stephanie, on "Full House," which aired from 1987 until 1995 on ABC.

Saget was not only America's dad during the hit series' run, he was also a father figure to the show's young cast members, which also included Candace Cameron Bure, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Andrea Barber.

“I remember Bob always being funny and warm and kind to us kids, to everyone. He really was like the glue that held us all together, in a lot of ways. He was kind of the head figure of that little family,” Sweetin recalled.

In an Instagram tribute post after Saget's death, Sweetin mentioned how she and the actor "never missed a chance to tell each other 'I love you.'"

"Every conversation I had with him, every text conversation, whatever it was, you'd say 'Love you' and he'd say, 'Love you more.'" she told Fryer. "You know, you could keep going back and forth as long as you wanted but he'd always have the last word and say, 'I love you more.'"

The last text message she received from Saget was no exception.

"The last text I had from him, we were talking about something because he came on my podcast last season — on "Never Thought I'd Say This" — and I think I'd sent him something to promote the episode, or whatever, and he was like, 'Anything for you, Jodes. You know I love you.'"

"And that was absolutely Bob," she added. "Anything for the people he loved."

In the same Instagram tribute to Saget, Sweetin also vowed to honor the actor by telling an "inappropriate joke" at his funeral.

Though Sweetin didn't speak at the service, she most likely made a bawdy joke or two at a gathering afterward at Saget's house. "I'm sure I made tons of inappropriate jokes. I learned that from Bob. I saw him walk through a lot of grief losing his two sisters and losing his parents — you know, he had a lot of loss in his life and he always dealt with it with humor. He got that from his dad, from Ben," she explained.

"It's something that I definitely learned (from Saget), was like, well, if you feel like it's gonna kill you, you might as well laugh at it."

Sweetin stars as Vanessa in "Just Swipe," a new rom-com about online dating during the coronavirus pandemic. The movie, she said, is all about being open-minded when it comes to love.

"This movie is really about staying connected, finding the right person, finding love and being willing to, again, kind of go along with whatever life throws you and walk through the craziness of this pandemic and even find love at the end," she said.

In real life, Sweetin is preparing to walk down the aisle again. Her boyfriend, Mescal Wasilewski, popped the question in January.

"It's wonderful. My boyfriend, well, fiancé — gosh, I have to get used to that now — my fiancé and I have been together about four and a half years ... So, it's so nice to really make this official," she said.

"My kids love him. My parents love him. We have a really great little family dynamic here," she added of her groom-to-be.

As if January weren't crammed with enough life events, both happy and sad, Sweetin also turned 40 on Jan. 19.

The milestone birthday, which came just days after she got engaged to Wasilewski and only about a week after losing Saget, taught Sweetin that life, indeed, goes on.

"It's this reminder that life isn't waiting for you to finish processing before it moves on to the next thing. And that's OK. Life just keeps coming. Life is always in session," she said.

"We have to remember that even in the most painful moments," she added, "something good can happen, and we can allow that in."

Sweetin's new movie, “Just Swipe,” will stream on demand on Feb. 8.