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Jill Martin re-creates classic ‘Sex and the City’ scene in wedding video

"Do I have a career in acting in my future?" Martin joked on Instagram.

Jill Martin poked fun at the similarities between her love life and Carrie Bradshaw's when she re-created a classic scene from "Sex and the City: The Movie."

The TODAY contributor and “Steals & Deals” host tied the knot with longtime love Erik Brooks earlier this month — but only after breaking off their first engagement and then getting back together.

Martin lampooned her and Brooks' bumpy path to the altar in a video she posted Sept. 30 on Instagram. The short clip finds the TV personality dressed in her bridal gown at the New York Public Library — the same place Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) was supposed to wed Mr. Big (Chris Noth).

Martin's video shows Carrie in her wedding gown at the same library on what was supposed to be her wedding day. Carrie speaks on her flip phone to Mr. Big, who's called to tell he's backing out of their wedding ceremony.

The video then shifts to show Martin wearing her wedding gown inside the library, speaking on a dated phone.

Imitating Carrie just after she hears the bad news from Big, Martin drops her cell phone to the floor, looking devastated.

Of course, Martin and Brooks did get hitched and are now living happily ever after, as her video proceeds to show fans.

"Just kidding! He's right there," a smiling Martin gushes while her pals slip on her veil as Brooks approaches in his tux.

The video concludes by showing images of the couple making their way to the altar, where Brooks dips his new bride after they say "I do."

In her caption, Martin joked about the reasons why she felt a kinship with Carrie.

"I HAD to, right? 1) My wedding was AT the library. 2) I was marrying MY GUY. I grew up watching (and continue to watch) the original Sex & the City," she wrote.

"3) I borrowed my friend’s flip phone and 4) we actually DID break up once before (long enough ago that I can laugh NOW)," she added.

"Do I have a career in acting in my future? Cue: dramatic phone drop," Martin joked.

Jill Martin and Erik Brooks Wedding.
Jill Martin and her new groom, Erik Brooks, smiling at their wedding earlier this month.Ben Finch

Martin and Brooks got hitched on Sept. 10, with Martin's father, Marty, officiating. In a sweet twist, both Marty and Martin’s mother, Georgette, walked their daughter down the aisle.

Martin and Brooks began dating in 2017 and got engaged in 2019. However, the following year, the couple called off their engagement, explaining that it had been a challenge to be in a long-distance relationship.

But true love isn’t so easily thwarted as Martin and Brooks (and Carrie and Big) later learned. In 2021, the couple got back together and announced they were engaged again that November.

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During Martin’s August visit to the 3rd hour of TODAY, she got emotional thinking about her upcoming wedding to her longtime love.

“I’m so grateful. We have both of our parents and everyone’s healthy and everyone’s just so excited, and we’re just so in love and happy to be back together,” she said.