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People are remembering Jerry Springer’s role in 'Austin Powers' with Dr. Evil and his son

The legendary talk show host, who died April 27, also appeared in dozens of television shows and movies.
Jerry Springer Speaks To Guests During His Show December 17 1998 The Show Which Features Violent O
Jerry Springer, seen her hosting his eponymous talk show in 1998, appeared in dozens of cameos in movies and television over the years.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Jerry Springer will always be remembered as the longtime host of the tabloid daytime talk show "The Jerry Springer Show," but the legendary TV personality also played himself for laughs in dozens of cameos over the years, including an appearance in the 1999 comedy "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me."

A clip of Springer's cameo began circulating on social media on April 27 after news spread earlier that day that Springer had died of pancreatic cancer at age 79.

The movie’s scene spoofs the volatile family fights that would often break out on Springer’s show.

Springer plays himself opposite Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) and his son, Scott (Seth Green), in a talk show segment about evil family members who want to take over the world.

By the end of the segment, Dr. Evil is throwing punches at other guests and eventually at Springer.

Fans on Twitter fondly remembered the scene on Thursday. "The cameo #JerrySpringer made in Austin Powers will forever have me laughing," wrote one.

"In remembrance of Jerry Springer, here is the best cameo clip in the history of comedy," wrote another fan, who included a video of the scene.

The movie's director, Jay Roach, told The Independent in 2019 that Springer had been more than game to film his cameo.

"I wondered if Jerry would go for it because we’re clearly making fun of his circus act. He not only went for it, but he was fully enthusiastic and completely convincing when he started punching Mike. Having a break in style like that is really fun because it defies expectations," said Roach.

The "Austin Powers" movie was hardly the only time Springer played himself for the sake of comedy.

He first appeared in a cameo in a 1993 episode of "Married ... With Children," and would go on to play Jerry Springer again in "Roseanne," "The X-Files," "The Simpsons," "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and dozens more TV shows.

And while his "Austin Powers" appearance was his most memorable big screen moment, he also appeared in several other movies, including "Kissing A Fool," "The 24 Hour Woman" and the TV film "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!"