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‘Jeopardy!’ made a glaring spelling mistake during Final Jeopardy

"What is too many L's?"

An error on Wednesday’s “Jeopardy!” episode spelled trouble for eagle-eyed viewers.

Fans caught sight of a rare typo in the game show’s Final Jeopardy clue. In the last round, the topic was “19th Century Literature,” and the prompt read: “This author first thought of a parrot before choosing another bird equallly capable of speech.” 

The correct response was “Edgar Allan Poe,” the author of "The Raven" and all things macabre. Still, it wasn't the reference to "The Raven" that left viewers haunted. It was the spelling of the word “equally,” which has just two L's but was written with three.

NBC News reporter Ben Collins tweeted a photo of the spelling error and encouraged users to "spot the typo."

The mistake was later fixed on the show’s YouTube clip, but viewers were quick to pounce on the scrupulous game show’s error and pat themselves on the back for catching it.

“Someone tell the #Jeopardy clue writers not to lean on the L button next time,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the error.

Among the Twitter users who responded to the error were those delighted to see that the show is just like them, not entirely perfect.

The blunder might have been a setback for the show on Twitter, but contestant Jeff Weinstock's answer "Who is Edgar Allan Poe?" left him with a total of $11,202 and the victory.