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'Jeopardy!' ends with rare scene in final round

Defending champion Mattea Roach didn't have a ton of competition as her winning streak continued.
/ Source: TODAY

There wasn’t too much suspense on Wednesday’s episode of “Jeopardy!”

Two contestants failed to make the final round, making reigning champion Mattea Roach the only player who qualified for Final Jeopardy. A Final Jeopardy with only one contestant does not happen often: It hasn't happened since Oct. 13, 2020, according to the show's website.

Loni Lewis had -$600 heading into the final round, while Sean Wong was down -$1,600, preventing both of them from appearing in the third and final round of the game.

Roach, meanwhile, had $21,400 heading into Final Jeopardy. Host Ken Jennings acknowledged the unusual moment.

“And then there was one. It’s a rare solo Final Jeopardy,” he said before reading the clue in the category “On the Internet.” Jennings also highlighted the moment on Twitter.

“This website launched in 2015 with 3 offerings, from James Patterson, Dustin Hoffman and Serena Williams,” was the clue.

With the game safely in hand, Roach wagered $5,000 and got the answer correct: MasterClass, the online educational platform that allows people to pay for tutorials and lectures given by celebrities and experts in various fields.

Roach finished the game with $26,400, giving her a 12-day total of $271,282. She has qualified for the Tournament of Champions and is ninth of the list of consecutive games won. She is also the fourth person this season to enjoy a double-digit win streak, joining so-called "super champions" Amy Schneider, Jonathan Fisher, and Matt Amodio.