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Jason Oppenheim doesn’t want ‘Selling the OC’ to be compared to ‘Selling Sunset’

Jason and Brett Oppenheim spoke to TODAY about having high expectations when it comes to finding real estate agents for their brokerage and reality series.
(L to R) Brett Oppenheim and Jason Oppenheim in Netflix's "Selling the OC."
(L to R) Brett Oppenheim and Jason Oppenheim in Netflix's "Selling the OC."Netflix
/ Source: TODAY

“Selling Sunset” stars Jason and Brett Oppenheim have conquered the Los Angeles real estate scene and now they have expanded their brokerage, the Oppenheim Group, to Orange County — where there are plenty of opulent beachfront homes waiting to be sold. 

Their new Newport Beach location is the headquarters for the spinoff series “Selling the OC,” which introduces viewers to 11 cutthroat real estate agents. Based on the trailer, cameras captured constant arguments between the agents that resemble some of the blowups on “Selling Sunset.” 

In the YouTube comments, some social media users mentioned the original Netflix series. But the twins and Oppenheim Group co-owners said they hope fans don’t compare the two shows.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to watch a season,” Jason Oppenheim told TODAY at a press junket for “Selling the OC” in Beverly Hills, California.

He added, “And I hope that people watch it for what it is and don’t make comparisons to other shows, including ‘Selling Sunset.’ These people are their own agents. They have their own lives and they’re doing their own thing. I think it should be judged on its own merits. I think it’ll do quite well.” 

Brett Oppenheim said the team — which includes Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Kayla Cardona, Lauren Brito, Polly Brindle, Sean Palmieri and Tyler Stanaland — came together over a couple of years.

“We just met people in different ways. And it was just very organic. And I love the way it all came about. I got really lucky,” Brett Oppenheim shared.

The group was actually assembled without knowing that they would soon become reality television stars. Jason Oppenheim said that Netflix and Done and Done Productions—which also produces “Selling Sunset” — jumped on board after the Newport Beach office was opened. 

Jason Oppenheim is highly selective when it comes to choosing agents to represent the Oppenheim Group. 

“I get resumes like probably a dozen every day,” Jason Oppenheim shared. “But I’m very particular on the type of person that I want to work at the Oppenheim Group. I want to make sure they’re successful. That I get along with them. They get along with other people. They’re ambitious and intelligent.”

Landing a job at the Oppenheim Group might be as difficult as keeping it. Jason Oppenheim said he has high expectations that each of his employees have to constantly uphold. 

He explained, “It’s not like it’s an open door policy where you can just screw around and not produce and expect to have a desk. So I think people were hired for a reason and I think they’re making the most of the opportunity.” 

“Selling the OC” doesn’t just focus on the cast closing deals and their interactions at work. Episodes also feature dramatic arguments that occur outside of the office.

In the trailer for Season One, realtor Cardona tells another agent, “You called me a f---ing b----.”

Later in the clip, she says. “After you cross that line of disrespect, I’m f---ing done.”

When asked to sum up “Selling the OC” in three words, Brett Oppenheim only needed one.

“Entertaining,” he said.

Fans will have to wait to see if the Oppenheim brothers deliver on their high expectations when the eight-episode season of “Selling the OC” premieres on Netflix on Aug. 24.