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Jason Momoa seemingly reveals new head tattoo

The movie star showed off his new head tattoo in a recent Instagram post.
/ Source: TODAY

Jason Momoa seems to have some new ink!

The actor appeared to reveal a head tattoo in a Sept. 14 Instagram post.

"Proud to be Hawaiian," Momoa said as he boarded a Hawaiian Airlines flight to New Zealand. "I got something for you."

He then took his bowler hat off to reveal what appears to be a new permanent tattoo. In the status, he tagged Keone Nunes, a master of traditional Hawaiian tattooing.

In Polynesian culture, the location of a tattoo is incredibly significant. Maka, or face, tattoos indicate decades of service to the community and the study of history.

"It was a true honor 20 years in the making," Momoa wrote in his caption.

If the actor's tattoo is permanent, those two decades he referenced are likely referring to his study and service to/of Polynesian culture.

Momoa's full name is Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa, and he was born in Honolulu. His father is Native Hawaiian.

He has often talked about and celebrated his heritage, telling CNN in 2019 that he is constantly trying to return to the islands.

Momoa's new head tattoo.
Momoa's new head tattoo.Jason Momoa / Instagram

“For my soul I need to be there,” Momoa told the outlet at the time. “If I’m not working, I’m trying to get over there.”

At the end of the Sept. 14 video, Momoa also references his upcoming Apple TV original series, "Chief of War."

The show will follow “the story of the unification and colonization of Hawaii from an indigenous point of view.”

The unification of Hawaii happened between 1782-1810.

Momoa will portray Ka'iana, who was called the "Prince of Kaua'i" and helped unite the four major kingdoms of Hawaii. Momoa also was one of the writers on the project and has an executive producer title.

Variety reported in April that this is Momoa's first foray into writing for television, with the series slated for eight episodes at the tech giant. He is writing with Thomas Pa’a Sibbett.