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What to know about Season 2 of 'Indian Matchmaking'

Premiering later this summer, Season Two features the return of matchmaker Sima Taparia and cast member Aparna Shewakramani.
Sima Aunty in Indian Matchmaking.
Sima Taparia and Netflix's "Indian Matchmaking" show are returning for Season 2 next month.Netflix

Sima Aunty, the central matchmaker of the Netflix show "Indian Matchmaking," is officially bringing back her biodata collection.

Netflix announced that the Emmy-nominated show “Indian Matchmaking,” created by Academy Award nominee Smriti Mundhra, will be returning for Season 2 next month.

“The love I’ve gotten from the fans on the show has been wonderful,” Taparia told Variety in an article accompanying the announcement. “Matchmaking is my passion, and it’s a joy to share my work with audiences around the world. Sima from Mumbai is back!”

The show follows matchmaker Taparia's efforts to arrange marriages for people in India and across the diaspora. In the first season, which premiered in July 2020, Taparia's clients included Texas-based lawyer Aparna Shewakramani who fought against the idea of changing for love; New Jersey-based wedding planner Nadia Jagessar; Pradhyuman Maloo, a jewelry designer based in Mumbai, and more.

If you were one of those binge-watching viewers, then get ready for even more drama. If you weren't, then now's the time to catch up. Here is everything you need to know about Season 2 of “Indian Matchmaking.”

When does Season 2 of 'Indian Matchmaking' come out?

The eight-episode season is set to release on Friday, Aug. 12, with all episodes streaming on Netflix.

An official trailer for the new season has not yet been released.

Indian Matchmaking.
A teaser picture for Season 2 of "Indian Matchmaking."Netflix

What is the premise of 'Indian Matchmaking?'

The show follows Mumbai-based matchmaker Taparia as she guides clients through the traditional arranged marriage process in both the U.S. and India.

Taparia works with her clients to find a match for their specific preferences using her expansive network.

In the show, cameras follow the potential matches as they go on dates and get to know each other, with separate individual interviews with each person to hear their real thoughts on the process. Some of the matches seem to work out, but others don’t quite reach the client’s expectations.

Season One of "Indian Matchmaking" did not result in any marriages. Dr. Rupam Kaur, a single mother featured on the show, did indeed get married — but met her husband via Bumble.

During an interview with TODAY, Kaur spoke about finding love on a dating app and about experiences on "Indian Matchmaking." On the show, Taparia indicated that Kaur had a slim chance of getting remarried.

“What the matchmaker said to me isn’t unique to her,” she said. “It’s what a lot of women are told. They’re told that their options are less, especially when they’re past a certain age, and that’s not specific to Indian culture. ... In Indian culture, they’re just a lot more honest about reality,” Kaur told TODAY.

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The cast of Season 2 features a familiar face

According to the Netflix announcement, Season 2 will feature both newcomers and stalwarts from last season.

Taparia will return completely in her role as matchmaker, and her matchmaking journey will take her to meet new millennials yearning for their match.

As early-look photos revealed, the oft-memed Shewakramani from Season 1 will be returning for the second season.

“I’m excited to be sharing my ongoing story on Season 2,” she wrote on Twitter, confirming her appearance.

In the photo, Shewakramani appears to be on a bowling date. "You’ll definitely meet 'the guy' when you watch the show," she wrote on Twitter.

Aparna and Daman in Indian Matchmaking.
Aparna and Daman in "Indian Matchmaking."Netflix

Shewakramani, who authored a book after the show called "She's Unlikeable," recently called out Taparia's track record.

“The matchmaker had a 0 percent success rate so I think I was in good company with the rest of my cast mates who are also all unmarried,” Aparna said on a March episode of Tamron Hall. “And you know, when there’s a 0 percent success rate, we’re all in this together.”

What can we expect from this new season?

While Netflix didn’t give too much away about Season 2, the streamer did give away some of the details on clients' wishlists: Man buns, a love of Taco Bell and an “ovo-lacto-semi-vegetarian diet."

In this new season, Taparia’s work will take her from Mumbai to Durham, North Carolina, in her quest to find the perfect matches.

Will there be a Season 3?

For avid viewers of the show, there’s good news: After you’ve binged your way through all eight episodes of Season 2, you can prepare for even more matchmaking ahead.

In March, Netflix renewed the show for a third season. The release date for Season 3 has not yet been announced.

Akshay in Indian Matchmaking.
A still from Season 2 of "Indian Matchmaking."Netflix