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How and when to watch 'And Just Like That...'

Hint: You'll need an HBO Max account.
Carrie and friends have an infamous lunch discussion in 'And Just Like That,' just like they would in the original series.
Carrie and friends have an infamous lunch discussion in 'And Just Like That,' just like they would in the original series.Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

"Sex and the City" fans have joined in solidarity since its reboot, "And Just Like That...," officially premiered on Dec. 9, 2021. Fans from around the globe have sat down religiously week after week to watch what Carrie and Co. are up to these days — and there's a lot going on.

With the premiere of the reboot came a stark resurgence in the need to discuss the beloved "Sex and the City" characters ... and much online discourse about various rather shocking plotlines (we won't give any spoilers away in this article).

If you want to know how to catch up with Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte (but sadly, no Samantha), we have everything you need to know about streaming here.

How do I watch 'And Just Like That...'?

Even if you haven't tuned in yet, it's never too late! Luckily, you can catch all episodes released so far with an HBO Max account. You can download the HBO Max app on any device that streams — a perfect option for whatever your desired streaming location may be.

If you want to catch up on the OG "Sex and the City" series, you can view all six seasons of that on HBO Max as well.

What time does 'And Just Like That...' come on?

"And Just Like That..." comes on every Thursday at midnight PT/ 3 a.m. ET. If you're a super fan who stays up until midnight or, God forbid, 3 a.m. to be one of the first to view the newest episodes, we applaud your commitment.

When will this season of 'And Just Like That...' end?

This season's finale will air on Feb. 3, closing out season one with 10 episodes total.

Will there be a season 2 of 'And Just Like That...'?

There were rumors of the show progressing beyond a season one — but according to TV Insider, the recent sexual assault allegations against Chris Noth, who plays Mr. Big on the original series and the reboot, have made discussions of further seasons "hit a brick wall." So, for right now, we don't know what the future of our crew of Manhattanites will look like.

What we do know is that, following Noth's allegations, Mr. Big has been cut from any scenes he had filmed for the show's future.

To find out more, catch new episodes of Carrie's return to our screens every Thursday night on HBO Max.