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All the Harlan Coben book adaptations on Netflix and the ones on the way

In the mood to binge-watch a mystery show ... or eight? Look no further.
"Hold Tight" can be streamed on Netflix.
"Hold Tight" can be streamed on Netflix.Netflix

"Fool Me Once" has become the latest Harlan Coben adaptation to take over Netflix.

In 2018, Coben signed a five-year deal with Netflix, per Deadline, in which 14 of his 33 novels (which, by the way, have sold over 75 million copies, per his website) will turn into individual series on the streaming service, with him serving as producer.

This multi-million dollar deal is big news for Coben buffs, who already love his mystery novels with their twisty-turny plots mostly set in middle-class suburbia. It's also good news for newcomers, who are binge-watching the mystery series — and maybe picking up one of his novels, which he publishes at a rate of one a year.

The Netflix book adaptations have been made internationally, as well as in the U.S.: "The Woods" was made in Poland, "The Innocents" in Spain, and "Gone for Good" in France.

There are more Coben adaptations on the way on other platforms, like a YA thriller version of "Shelter" on Prime Video. Read on for a list of the seven shows already released on Netflix, in order, and the ones yet to come.

'Fool Me Once' (2024)

Who killed Joe? A wife is left to reckon with what happened to her husband after he's found brutally murdered.

'Hold Tight' (2022)

Scene from "Hold Tight."
Scene from "Hold Tight."Netflix

This series, filmed in Polish, is the latest Coben series to come to Netflix. This story follows a man who goes missing after his friend dies — and in the aftermath of his disappearance, a slew of secrets and lies about his family gets exposed. Hold tight, indeed.

"Hold Tight" also has a reward for people who watched "The Woods," another Polish adaptation of a Coben novel, bringing back lead Pawel Kopinski (Grzegorz Damiecki) to tie up loose strings. 'Stay Close' (2021)

Cush Jumbo in "Stay Close."
Cush Jumbo in "Stay Close."Netflix

"Stay Close," filmed in the U.K., features three protagonists who all have concealed secrets. Expect compelling storylines, including a forbidden romance, unsolved murders (duh), medical scares and a finale that will put you on the very edge of your seat. The cast includes Cush Jumbo, Richard Armitage, Daniel Francis, Jo Joyner and Eddie Izzard.

'Gone for Good' (2021)

 Finnegan Oldfield in "Gone for Good."
Finnegan Oldfield in "Gone for Good."Netflix

Gird your loins: Here's another Harlan Coben story in which (shocker!) someone goes missing. This time, it's the main character's girlfriend. Guillaume Lucchesi (Finnegan Oldfield) has suffered loss after loss: His first love, his brother, and his mother. When his girlfriend goes missing after his mom's funeral, Finnegan decides he can't lose another perosn and goes out to find her. This five-part French-language miniseries also includes themes of family betrayal and, of course, secret-keeping. The drama!

'The Innocent' (2021)

"The Innocent" stars Mario Casas as Mateo.
"The Innocent" stars Mario Casas as Mateo.Netflix

As you could have perhaps figured by now, the main character of this show, Mateo, has some secrets in his pocket. This Spanish series focuses on Mateo, who gets released from an eight-year stint in prison after killing a man in a bar fight. With lots of seemingly unrelated (but of course, are actually very related) plot lines, this show will throw you for the best kind of loop.

'The Woods' (2020)

Prosecutor Pawel Kopinski (Grzegorz Damięcki) searches for answers to two unsolved murder cases.
Prosecutor Pawel Kopinski (Grzegorz Damięcki) searches for answers to two unsolved murder cases.Netflix

"The Woods" flashes between timelines: a 1994 summer camp in the woods and a 2019 Warsaw. This Polish show follows a lawyer who is haunted by the death of two children he was supervising at the aforementioned summer camp in '94. This perplexing series is left on a cliff-hanger — so viewers who like a resolved plot, be warned: You're going to have to wait for the 2022 series "Hold Tight" to get it.

'The Stranger' (2020)

Richard Armitage in "The Stranger" on Netflix.
Richard Armitage in "The Stranger" on Netflix. Netflix

Richard Armitage, who later appeared in “Stay Close,” plays a British suburban dad who is approached by a woman who reveals a life-altering secret to him about his wife. Oh, and one of his son’s classmates is found dead in the woods. Chaos ensues.

‘Safe’ (2018)

"Safe" stars Michael C. Hall of "Dexter."
"Safe" stars Michael C. Hall of "Dexter."Netflix

Michael C. Hall (of “Dexter” fame) stars in this England-set series — and his character is on a frantic search for his 16-year-old daughter Jenny, almost a year after his wife died of cancer. Think “Taken,” but with a slew of Harlan Coben-style chaotic web of lies thrown into the mix.

Upcoming Harlan Coben shows

So far, "Run Away" was confirmed to be turned into a Netflix series, and and “Six Years“ will be a movie.

As for the remaining options? There's slew of other possible novels that could be converted to shows, including, but not limited, to:

  • "Play Dead"
  • "Miracle Cure"
  • "Tell No One"
  • "No Second Chance"
  • "Just One Look"
  • 'Caught"
  • "Missing You"
  • "Don’t Let Go"
  • "The Boy from the Woods"
  • "Win"