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'Golden Bachelor' fans have thoughts about contestant missing daughter's wedding for the show

Viewers are conflicted over Sandra Mason's choice to prioritize Gerry Turner over her daughter's wedding.

Sandra Mason dove for balls while playing pickleball on the fourth episode of "The Golden Bachelor." Elsewhere, somewhere in the world, her daughter was getting married.

That's right: Sandra missed her daughter's wedding for "The Golden Bachelor," and fans had thoughts. People expressed shock and surprise that a cast member would prioritize “The Golden Bachelor” over a milestone event.

In other instances, contestants chose to prioritize their home life over reality TV obligations. Last week, Joan Vassos left the show the day after her one-on-one date with Gerry to attend to her daughter after a complicated birth. She said she had to be “a mom.”

“Sorry did Sandra say that she’s here on this silly television program instead of being at her daughter’s wedding?????” someone wrote.

Some posts tried to envision what Sandra’s daughter would be feeling in that moment.

Others came up with alternate narratives. “It was her daughters second wedding and Sandra liked the first husband better. That’s what I’m telling myself,” an X user wrote.

For her no-nonsense and unguarded quotes, Sandra has emerged as a fan favorite, which protected her from the brunt of criticism.

“If anyone tries to trash talk Sandra bc of this LEAVE HER ALONE,” someone wrote on X.

"Sandra a real one for missing her daughters wedding to play in the 1st annual golden bachelor pickleball tournament," another person wrote.

Gerry gave Sandra the rose and seemed to overlook the situation, leading to more takes — this time, about Gerry’s judgment.

“Clearly there’s a generational gap but I just don’t get how Gerry sees Sandra missing her kid’s wedding as a green flag,” an X user wrote.

During their one-on-one time, Gerry spoke to Sandra about the schedule conflict, and why she chose to stay.

“Someone told me that you have a daughter getting married today. Don’t you think you need to tell me about that a little bit?”

"This is something my daughter and I discussed early on. She said, 'Mom, I've got my guy. I want you to go get yours.'"

Gerry said he felt "flattered," but emphasized that this is a "big event." He had an idea: "I thought it would be a great idea for you to call your daughter."

"I think you're the best," Sandra replied.

The two called her daughter and her apparent groom. Her daughter said, "I did it," indicating that the wedding had already taken place.

Viewers were conflicted. Sandra, on her end, appeared to have no regrets.

"This man is something different. He is something different," Sandra concluded.