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Inside 'First Kill' — the lesbian vampire love story everyone can't stop talking about

The central characters Calliope Burns and Juliette Fairmont have a love that's "deeper than Bella and Edward's" in "Twilight."
/ Source: TODAY

Twitter has been ablaze gushing about the new Netflix series "First Kill" that centers on a teenage lesbian vampire love story.

One person tweeted, "I love that First Kill is literally just taking lesbians and giving them every single trope known to man in the vampire genre that straight people get and getting rid of the same 3 homophobic ones and that alone makes it need 12 seasons."

"First Kill" stars Imani Lewis as Calliope "Cal" Burns, a monster hunter who's still looking for her first kill, Sarah Catherine Hook is Juliette Fairmont, a legacy vampire who wants nothing more than to be human. The pair fall in love with one another and it's not seen as something that should be discouraged.

"One of my favorite things about 'First Kill' is the representation," Lewis, 23, told TODAY.

Imani Lewis as Calliope Burns and Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette Fairmont in episode six of "First Kill."
Imani Lewis as Calliope Burns and Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette Fairmont in episode six of "First Kill."Netflix

The series is not like other shows that'll put a lot of conflict on the character's sexualities. In the series, both of the girls' families understand that they're queer and they don't make a big deal out of it.

"I'm really in love with the fact that this queer couple, their queerness was never a point of conflict for them in this series," Hook, 27, told TODAY. "The conflict is that one is a vampire and one is a monster hunter."

This is shown all throughout Season One. Juliette and Cal's love story starts out when they cross paths at school and instantly find out the other one is not who they seem.

Cal, who comes from a family of secret monster hunters, wants to prove herself by killing Juliette at a friend's party. But once they get dared to go into a pantry together, they want nothing more than to kiss

As things get hot and heavy between the two, the duo almost kill one other when Juliette bites Cal's neck and Cal stakes Juliette in the heart. But even though they both got away with just the skin of their teeth, they couldn't wait for the day till they could kiss each other again.

Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette, Imani Lewis as Calliope in episode one of "First Kill."
Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette, Imani Lewis as Calliope in episode one of "First Kill."Netflix

"It was so much fun," Lewis said of shooting those love scenes with Hook, who she called a "hoot and a half."

"It's hard not to adore her," she said. "She's such a gem and we get along so well."

Hook noted that it wasn't hard to shoot those love scenes with Lewis either because they both felt very "safe" on set working with an intimacy coordinator and other members of the LGBTQ community.

"There was a lot of open dialogue between the two of us like. 'Are you comfortable with this?' or 'should we try this?' and we just took it very slowly and carefully and it made it so much easier on us and our mentality of how to approach these things because they can be pretty daunting."

The cast of "First Kill."
The cast of "First Kill." Brian Douglas / Netflix

Hook and Lewis appeared to do a good job because "First Kill" made Netflix’s Top 10 list in 60 countries within its first three days of release, per NBC News. The series has also been compared to the best vampire flicks out there, like "Twilight," "Vampire Diaries" and "True Blood."

The show even references Bella and Edward's love in series' opening song by Stephanie Mabey titled "The Zombie Song." The lyrics read, "Then all of your friends, they’d try to kill us / But only because they’d be jealous / That our love is deeper than Edward and Bella’s."

A fitting line for Cal and Juliette who have shown that they'll do whatever it takes to be together.

As fans wait for news of a second season, Hook and Lewis said that they didn't have much information on the future of their characters, especially since the show just premiered this month on June 10.

Hook did say that the cast is keeping their hopes high.

She said, "All I know is that we've all got our fingers crossed and that's about it."