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Mia Jones, Danny Louisa and Peter Park talk 'FBoy Island' love triangle

Mia Jones is still in touch with both of her frontrunners from the dating show.
Left: Mia Jones and Peter Park, Right: Mia Jones and Danny Louisa
Left: Mia Jones and Peter Park, Right: Mia Jones and Danny LouisaHassen Salum / HBO Max

Did you see the ending of Season Two of "FBoy Island" coming? Danny Louisa and Peter Park both say they didn't.

In the finale of the HBO Max dating series, Mia Emani Jones — along with the show's two other women leads — make their choices between their two remaining suitors. Afterwards, they learn whether their suitors (if they're classified as "FBoys") will split the $100,000 prize money, or whether he'll take the money and run.

Jones found herself between Park and Louisa, both self-professed FBoys. Park, a model, was booted off of Season One in the first episode, and immediately connected with Jones. Louisa is an electrician from Staten Island who comforts Jones during her lowest moment, a panic attack after the Episode Six status reveals.

Speaking to TODAY, Jones, 26, said her panic attack stemmed from realizing that both of her frontrunners were FBoys.

"I just realized at that moment that I might have all F boys and I almost lost $100,000. It's also, I feel I have a bad picker. I've known that but now the whole world knows that," she said.

Speaking to TODAY, the trio goes over what happened in the finale — and where their relationships stand now. Hint: It's a work in progress.

Who does Mia choose in the finale, Peter or Danny?

In the finale, Jones chooses Park over Louisa.

“It was hard. I cried a lot. How did I choose? I really couldn’t. I had to go with my strongest connection from like day one and that was Pete,” Jones explained.

She said the revelations about Louisa that came out during the mansplain episode contributed to her decision. “I didn’t know if (Danny) was lying, especially after hearing everything that came out about him. I was like, I can’t do that to myself,” she said. Danny ultimately said he would have split the money.

Neither Park nor Louisa saw Jones' decision coming.

"I was completely shocked," Louisa said. "I felt like I got my answer already. I already knew what the deal is. Me and Mia spoke. We were going to book a flight to Delaware — there there was no question in my mind that I was getting chosen."

Park was surprised, too. "It was a total shock. I didn't think that she would pick me. I was always walking away from her and just like ... being an FBoy," Park said. He added that he "hoped" Jones would pick him after their last date, in which he opened up.

Are Mia and Peter still together? They give an update about their relationship now

Fast forward to today, and Jones and Park are no longer a couple. Jones said they speak about once or twice a month. When asked whether their connection fizzled in the real world, Jones replied, “I think (Peter) more decided that than I did.”

Park explained what happened from his perspective. "I wanted to pursue that relationship with her right after the finale, but after digging through and speaking with her, it just just didn't work out," he said.

Park cited her dental school and his modeling career, as well as long distance, as barriers. "I’m taking care of my mom and my grandma (too) so it’s just a lot going on right now. It’s just not a good time," he said.

"She's become my best friend and she's always gonna be in my life no matter what," he said.

Danny says he still has feelings for Mia: 'They're always gonna be there'

Reflecting on the show, Louisa said he still has feelings for Jones.

"My feelings were real. Everything you saw on TV was genuine. And if Mia chose me, I would have left with her and I would have went to Delaware and visited her family," Louisa said.

He said their unique meet-cute contributed to the lasting feelings. I "We went through this experience together. It was a culture shock — no phones, no TVs, being invested in one woman and fighting for her. I gained these feelings for her so quickly. I don’t think they’re going to leave. I definitely think I’m gonna have feelings for the rest of my life," he said.

Louisa said he sees the show's three leads, Jones, Tamaris Sepulveda and Louise Barnard, on a regular basis. “They come to my bar and it’s not easy. But it’s one of those things where we’re friends now and I gotta keep that mentality,” he said.

"I got very vulnerable and I broke down a lot of walls with her. Even though I said that if she doesn’t pick me those walls would go right back up, they're still down for her, I guess. They're still down for her."

On Thursday, when the finale airs, yet another person will be shocked: Louisa's mom, who thinks Jones will choose him — she still doesn't know the show's ending.

"My mom thinks me and Mia are going to continue a relationship. She likes the relationship me and Mia have on TV," Louisa said.

Here's what they're up to now — and what comes next

Jones described herself as a "hopeless romantic" and said she went on the show hoping to meet someone to start a YouTube channel with. For now, she's concentrating on dental school.

Her frontrunners say the show changed their approaches to life and dating.

Louisa said, “Leaving the show and not getting picked made me focus on loving myself more and continuing to work on myself. If I had worked on myself more before the show, maybe I would have won over Mia.”

Park said, "It allowed me to be vulnerable. Next time I go on a dat — I don't know when that's going to be — I'm going to try to be vulnerable. I don't have to be this alpha type of guy all the time. Men have emotions too."

Moving forward, he wants what's best for Mia.

Park said, "I just want Mia to find happiness. I told her if it's not with me, I want it to be with somebody else. Hopefully it's not with Danny now — just kidding."