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'Fate: The Winx Saga' Season 2 ending explained

Curious about all the cliffhangers? Here's everything that took place in the fairy-filled finale.
FATE: THE WINX SAGA (2021), directed by BRIAN YOUNG. Credit: ARCHERY PICTURES / Album
"Fate: The Winx Saga" recently premiered its second season.Alamy Stock Photo

This post contains spoilers for Season Two of “Fate: The Winx Saga.”

It’d be an understatement to say that a lot happens during Season Two of “Fate: The Winx Saga." The seven episodes of the supernatural drama's sophomore season are action-packed and follow the students of Alfea as they navigate the mysterious disappearance of several fairies and a new threat: blood witches.

Throughout the season, a new character named Sebastian (Éanna Hardwicke) wreaks plenty of havoc in his quest to rob fairies of their magic. He even tempts several characters to betray their friends by promising them something that they desperately desire: information about their family history.

The season finale culminates in a big battle in which Sebastian and his army of scrapers (creatures that steal fairy magic) infiltrate the school and Bloom (Abigail Cowen) and her friends attempt to save the day.

Need help interpreting what happened in the jam-packed finale? We're breaking down all the action in this recap.

Bloom starts seeing visions

Bloom suddenly has a premonition at the beginning of the episode but plays it off as exhaustion. She then opens up to Aisha (Precious Mustapha) and says she had a vision that showed Sebastian and a dark circle — and she thinks it has something to do with her magic.

Sebastian is still determined to steal the dragon flame from Bloom

Despite his attempts to convince Bloom to give him her greatest power (the dragon flame), Sebastian has come up short so far. In the finale, Beatrix tells Stella why he's so eager to obtain the power.

As it turns out, Sebastian wants to use the dragon flame to right the wrongs that occurred at Aster Dell (a village that was inhabited by blood witches and destroyed by fairies). He wants to visit the realm of darkness and bring the blood witches back to life, but he needs Bloom’s power in order to do that.

The only issue? Doing so could destroy the human world.

Sebastian kidnaps Bloom's boyfriend, Sky

Sebastian is a blood witch who causes lots of trouble in Season 2.
Sebastian is a blood witch who causes lots of trouble in Season 2.NETFLIX

In an attempt to lure Bloom to him, Sebastian kidnaps her boyfriend Sky (Danny Griffin). Desperate to save him, Bloom goes to Sebastian. Now that they know Sebastian wants to use the dragon flame to cause chaos, several of her friends decide to follow Bloom and help her.

On the way, Aisha runs into Grey (Brandon Grace), her love interest who had secretly been working with Sebastian. During the encounter, Grey tells Aisha why he lied about being a blood witch and reveals that his brother died in Aster Dell, which put a lot of pressure on him to be a "replacement" son for his parents.

Sebastian had previously Grey that he could bring back his brother if he helped him, so he agreed to the plan. Still, Aisha isn't ready to forgive him.

Musa and Flora are fighting back against the scrapers in their own way

Flora is Terra’s cousin and joined the cast this season.
Flora is Terra’s cousin and joined the cast this season.

Flora (Paulina Chávez) might be new on campus but she wants to help her friends. She comes up with a plan to attract the scrapers to her, but she could die in the process.

Musa (Elisha Applebaum), who lost her powers to a scraper in an earlier episode, puts her new fighting skills to use as well to fend off the enemy.

Bloom agrees to give Sebastian the dragon flame

Meanwhile, Sebastian tells Bloom that her mother had the dragon flame before her and she used it and lost control, killing thousands of people.

Full of guilt, Bloom's mother put her in stasis (frozen in time, basically) for a thousand years so Bloom could avoid a similar fate. Her mother also stowed herself away in the realm of darkness to protect the world from her power.

Bloom finds her strength in Season 2.
Bloom finds her strength in Season 2.NETFLIX

Afraid of what Sebastian will do to Sky, Bloom agrees to give up the dragon flame and starts transferring her powers to him. However, Beatrix suddenly shows up and wants to tell her what Sebastian's real plan for the flame is.

Bloom is too determined to save Sky to pay attention, so Beatrix frees Sky to get her to focus.

Sebastian then kills Beatrix. Bloom's flame appears since she's pretty enraged at this point. Her friends appear and say they can help her, but Bloom is too nervous that she'll lose control and tells them to leave.

They take Sebastian down

In an act of redemption, Grey switches sides and uses blood magic to keep Sky alive. Bloom is then tapped out of her magic, but her friends team up to help her and they all transform to kill Sebastian.

Afterwards, Bloom sees another premonition similar to the one she saw earlier in the morning. Back at the school, Flora survives the scrapers and Musa's magic is back once again, but she's not exactly excited about it.

Bloom enters the realm of darkness

The group of friends celebrates their success together that night, but when they wake up the next morning, Bloom is gone. She writes each of them a letter and goes to see the portal to the realm of darkness, which is located in the school, after realizing that that was what her premonitions were about.

Sky, who also received a letter from Bloom, shows up and asks what why she's leaving.

“Every second that thing is open the other world is at risk,” Bloom says.

Bloom explains that the dragon flame makes her dangerous and that she doesn’t belong at Alfea. Even though she’s nervous about what might be on the other side, she’s determined to go to the realm of darkness to close the portal and save the human and fairy worlds from any evil in the realm.

The only caveat? Once she enters the realm of darkness, she can’t return.

Bloom explains that this obstacle is bigger than their relationship. Sky eventually supports her decision, even if he wishes she would stay with him.

Bloom then goes into the portal and finds her mom in the realm of darkness, leaving viewers to wonder: Will it be a happy reunion?

What happens to Bloom's friends?

After the death of Beatrix, Stella visits her grave and looks at a piece of paper with two names on it. Earlier in the episode, Beatrix — who was adopted — told Stella that she agreed to work with Sebastian since he promised her information about her biological family.

As it turns out, Beatrix had two sisters in Aster Dell. The finale implies that Stella is going to visit them. When Stella leaves the graveyard, a creepy figure reminiscent of the visions Bloom was having appears.

Elsewhere, Terra, who came out as gay during the season, goes on a first date with her crush. Aisha runs into Grey briefly and Flora examines the scars she has from all the scraper bites she endured. Musa, who decides to give up her magic for good, also practices her fighting skills.

Season 3 hasn't been confirmed — but here are the most pressing questions

Season Two ended left us with a few major questions a potential next season could answer, including:

  • Will Bloom ever return from the realm of darkness?
  • What will Bloom's reunion with her mother be like after all this time?
  • Who is that creepy ghost-like figure that appears in the graveyard after Stella leaves?
  • How will Bloom's friends deal with her being gone?